The Blackbird of Amor – Overview

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Blackbird of Amor

The Blackbird of Amor is a visual novel/strategy game about a man named Stein who is investigating a woman’s apparent eternal youth. It has story sections like a visual novel and elements of puzzle, strategy, and adventure games. There are player choices and branching paths. Combat is in a turn-based format with some weapons and special moves.

Blackbird of Amor

In-game background story

When there is an unsolved mystery, Stein can’t let it go, he must pursue it till the end. In Amor, there is a certain woman that interests him, for she is rumored to have eternal youth. To solve the mystery of this woman he must tear heaven from earth. His journey will take him far beyond the world he has known. In this visual novel, explore the politics and legends of the Kingdom of Throne Lodge.

Gameplay info

The game features choices and branching story paths. Some battles are fought in a turn-based strategy mode, commanding small parties of characters with switchable weapons and a few special abilities.

Blackbird of Amor

Key features

  • Story rich game in a visual novel format
  • Strategy battles and adventure game elements.
  • The graphics are 3d with full shaders and post-processing effects.
  • The soundtrack is diverse with many real instruments.

About developer

Noah/BCETracks is a long-time developer of games and software. Aside from game-related work, he creates audio effect plug-ins.

Official website:

Blackbird of Amor

Release date & platforms

Released in early access on 1-13-2020
Platform: Windows


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