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Warhammer 40.000 Battlesector

An unknown planet, a bloody war between Blood Angels and the Tyranids and strategical and tactical battles…this is that Warhammer 40K: Battlesector offer to us. From Black Lab Games comes this interesting strategy turn-based game based on the world of Warhammer.

The campaign starts with the Blood Angels, under the orders of Sergeant Carleon, looking for lost units on an unknown planet, and in a few minutes, you are fighting against the species who kill your companions, the Tyranids. The story continues exploring the planet, looking for more info about your fallen comrades and exterminating this new threat.

Preparing your units for the new threat

Before each campaign mission, you will have time to prepare the units for the next battle. Every unit cost several points, and you have a limit of points to establish your group. There are several types of units at your disposal: heavy units (aggressors), assault units, ranged units (intercessors) and vehicles, among others. In addition, you will unlock more troops progressing in the story.

During the story, you will unlock new units for your team

There are special units, the HQ units AKA the bosses, like Captain Sergeant, with special abilities and commands. When you unlock one, you will have access to new skills for your troops. After complete a mission, you will receive tokens, and, if you complete all the targets, you will receive extra quantities. You can distribute your tokens as you wish; you can restart your organization from zero if you want to try new strategies.

You can use your tokens on new skills for your units

Time to fight

The battles are turn-based, with a classical grid system, and they have an interesting complexity. Every troop can use movement (MP) or action points (AP). Asides from the movement and the normal attacks, melee and/or ranged, depending on the unit, there are other commands, evade and overwatch.

If you are surrounded by enemies, you can use Evade, a retreat to another point of the map. The enemies will attack you, but you will obtain an upgrade to the evasion of the unit, receiving the less damage possible, and, of course, you will attack too.

You can use Overwatch if you want to wait for the enemies’ movement. This command consists of mark a tile to watch, and, if the enemy moves over it, your units will attack. You can keep watching the same point with several troops, and the enemy will receive all the attacks, dying before attacking you in some cases. These commands cost AP and momentum to your troops.

You will receive momentum every time you attack your enemies or use some positive skill on your allies. When a unit reaches 100, it can obtain a new movement point to use immediately on the turn, or it can surge, levelling up, getting better stats, however, this upgrade only lasts until you complete the mission.

Determined units have unique commands and weapons, for example, Sergeant Carleon and the assault troops can use a jetpack to move further on the battlefield, or the Aggressors (heavy infantry), have artillery, melee attacks and a grenade launcher with a long-range attack. However, these skills have a recharge time, so you can’t use them every turn.

HQ units have a special gauge, you fill it when you deal damage or when your troops suffer attacks from the enemies. When this indicator is full, you can use a commander attack. For example, Sergeant Carleon can release a devastating attack in the row that he decides, damaging everything in its path, including allies.

Finally, but not less important, there are a couple of remarkable characteristics: Some points of the battlefield can be used as covers to difficult receive damage from the enemies, and of course, other points will facilitate your attacks; also, you can order the units continuously, for example, when you order one to move to a certain point, meanwhile when is moving, you can order another to attack an enemy.

Battles will be intense

Overall experience

The first time that I saw this game remembered me to Incubation, a classic strategy game from 1997 which I played when I was younger and my memories about it are still good, and in a sense, I feel like playing that game, but with tons of upgrades, of course, we are on other video game era. The blood angels remembered me to the incubation squadrons, as the enemies, you fought with an alien race too.

Battlesector is an interesting and entertaining strategy game. It has an adjusted difficulty, is not easy but is not hard enough to desperate you, so it maintains your interest in playing it. Also, you have to check several factors when playing, being this depth a nice incentive to still enjoying it.

It has some deficiencies, like the translation, the unique complete language, for the moment, is English, I tried to play it in other languages, but some texts are missing.

The camera needs an improvement, the battlefields are big, and the action is developed at different sectors, so when the enemy acts, you have to look for them. You can jump to the active unit with the keyboard, but sometimes you will have to switch from one end to the other, which is annoying when you play, especially when there are many troops left alive. The same applies to your units.

What to expect

On TBL, we had access to the current state of the game, it seems very polished, but some things still missing. The only accessible modes were the campaign and the tutorial, both bearable and recommendable. There are a couple more, skirmish and multiplayer, but we could not play them at the current moment of the development. Also, it seems that you will control the Tyranids too because in one of the tutorial missions you use them, but, for the moment, the only available campaign is the Blood Angels’ one.

The battle system seems solid, and it has an interesting depth when you play. For the moment, the game looks well, especially if you are into the Warhammer 40000 world and if you like turn-based strategy games with a decent tactical component. The game will release on 15th July, let’s see how the final version comes.


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4 thoughts on “WARHAMMER 40K: BATTLESECTOR – Preview”

  1. Have it on preorder and the preview pretty much helps me know I made a solid choice. Thanks. I know there will be a DLC dump incoming just like for Stormground eventually but I am fine with that. It’s what we sign up for in a WH game.

    • Hi Michael! Thank you for your comment. I liked the game, and it looks promising. Also, as you’ve written, every Warhammer game has DLC, even I remember playing one of them, checking the different factions, thinking -This faction looks cool- and them a message telling you if you want to play this faction you have to buy it as DLC :S.
      At least, some titles had a complete edition, like W40K Mechanicus, and their DLCs are discounted several times a year, so if you want more after playing the main game is a matter of time, and patience, to expand it if you want.

      Have a nice day!

  2. For me it feels like another opportunity was left aside by choosing Blood Angels for the campaign. How often will we see that until the real depth and possibilitys of the great Lore of 40k will get used by the gaming industrie? At least the enemys are not orcs and with the tyrannids chosen, we have that the last time with Dawn of War 2 (if i remeber that the right way).
    Another “not so good thing” was the fact about the language support. To release a freedemo is a good idea. To give it the option to play it in another language then english is not. I was very annoyed and have deinstalled the game after playing it for 20 MInutes in german. They shouldn’t have done that, because now i’m very careful, before i will give it a shot.
    Can’t wait to read the Test on TBL 🙂

    PS: Incubation is one of my all time favorite video games. So good, specially for the time it was relesead. Really sad, that not more of this was released (imo a good addon was the only thing)

    • Hi Nagumo! Thanks for your comment. I coincide with your opinion about variety on the Warhammer games factions, because Blood Angels are OK, but there are a lot of factions that need it more than them.
      A few weeks ago, Age of Sigmar was released, which includes other factions, but it seems that the result wasn’t the expected (according to steam reviews). As you wrote, the Warhammer lore is immense.

      Also, we received Battlesector a few days ago for review, and we are working on it.

      PS: Glad to see more Incubation fans, I miss that title too! How knows, maybe some company retakes the IP in the future. Currently, the dev team is part of Ubisoft, but they are working on other titles (I think they are the devs of Anno last titles)


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