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Wintermoor Tactics Club – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Wintermoor Tactics Club Overview

A light Tactics RPG inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics and Steven Universe. Fight for survival in thrilling tactical combat! Unravel the sinister mysteries behind the bizarre tournament! And don’t forget to make some new friends.

Wintermoor Tactics Club Title Screen

Background Story

It was hard enough for Alicia to make friends at prestigious Wintermoor Academy before the whole school erupted into a snowball tournament!  Now, her tiny Tactics Club must transform from nerdy nobodies into the heroes they play in their tabletop campaign, or they’ll be disbanded forever.

Wintermoor Tactics Club Background Story

Key features

  • Tactical Combat: Play Curses & Catacombs, the premier roleplaying game of 1981.
  • Explore the School: Make friends and solve mysteries in an evolving environment.
  • Meet the Clubs: Young Monarchists. Psychic Detectives. Your opponents burn with conviction and uncanny snowball prowess.
Wintermoor Tactics Club Gameplay

About Developer

Wintermoor Tactics Club is being developed by a diverse group, including…

  • Ben Walker, direction & programming
  • Leo Dasso, tech art & art lead
  • Ryan Anderson, combat design​
  • Jackie Kreitzberg, production
  • Mike Sennott, writing & music
  • Kyla Fury, writing

Official website

Wintermoor Tactics Club Special Abilities

Release date & platforms

Wintermoor Tactics Club will be released sometimes in 2019 through Steam.


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