Ark Legends, the Hotly Anticipated Adventure RPG, Is Getting a Closed Beta in December

Written by Marcello TBL


If you’re a serious fan of mobile RPGs, you’re no doubt already aware of Ark Legends. This slick-looking, super-promising steampunk adventure has been tantalising us on social media ever since it broke cover this spring. 

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Now, at long last, a number of lucky players will be able to sample the game for themselves through the upcoming closed beta, which begins on December the 1st. 

There’s more. Not only is this the first opportunity for many of us to see Ark Legends in action, but there are tons of pre-registration rewards on offer too, including in-game items, Amazon gift cards, and Apple Airpods.

For the uninitiated, Ark Legends is a stunning steampunk 3D RPG set in a floating city. It sees you recruiting heroes and thrusting them into combat in the Immersive Battle Arena. 

The heroes include Nomi, an Elsa lookalike who wields a gigantic rocket-powered crossbow, Lila, a god who participated in the exorcism of the Demons in the First Era, and Ray, a handsome young warrior who serves as the protector of his homeland. 

Each hero has their own unique attacks, from wielding a sword to firing a cannon, and even using ancient magic power to pick off enemies from miles away. 

They all have their own unique personalities, too. Nomi is nimble, smart, and unimpeachably honest, making her the scourge of the criminals in Ion City, while Regulus, the head of the biggest Rabis Tribe on the Bloodthirst Plains, is witty and a natural leader. 

Then there’s you, playing as the explorer – a mysterious figure who lost his memories and woke up when adventurers explored some ruins. 

It’s a promising set-up, and developer Melting Games is inviting you to get involved in the development of Ark Legends by joining the Content Creator Program. It sounds like a great way to make your mark on a future hit, while pocketing some rewards in the process. 
Head to the Ark Legends Facebook page to get started.


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