Great Games That Are Set In New York

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10 Games set in New York

New York City offers an awe-inspiring game setting. As a result, top-rated titles such as Marvel’s Spider-Man have taken advantage of the Big Apple to create exciting games. Some of the games use a picture-perfect representation of the city, while others add their own ingenious twists. Moreover, several casino games must have gotten their inspiration from the city.

For example, New York New York is a video slot game developed as a visual homage to the fantastic city. You can access this game from the best casino app in NJ for a chance to celebrate the city. Keep reading to discover some excellent games set in the city of New York.

Fighting Force

Fighting Force is a 90s video game that requires gamers to fight their way through the streets of New York. Their target is to reach the wicked Dr. Zeng’s base. The game features the Bronx and Central Park as playable regions.

Additionally, New York’s skyline serves as eye-catching scenery. The game does not feature many notable landmarks. However, the World Trade Center and Empire State Building featured in the background on many occasions.

Assassin’s Creed 3

This game features Manhattan as it looked in 1776. This is a different approach from other games which feature modern-day New York. As a result, it is an inventive way of giving its fans a view of how the city looked hundreds of years ago, making it more refreshing. Nonetheless, the setting is still familiar as it is filled with people, vehicles, markets, and some “tall” buildings.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

This game puts Peter Parker and Spider-Man on a collision course as a new villain threatens New York City. Spider-Man has to rise up and be more outstanding if he wants to save the city and the people he loves. As you enjoy the game, you will swing through the lively neighborhoods and catch spectacular views of iconic Marvel and Manhattan attractions. The game divides the area map into 800 square sections, each representing around 1380 square feet.

Grand Theft Auto IV

GTA IV is arguably the best game to feature the Big Apple in gaming history. The game lets its players wander without restraint around New York City. While it is not a full-scale mock-up of the city, it does not break the feeling of driving through Times Square during rush hour.

Liberty city represented the spirit of New York, including its persistent inner communities, the razzmatazz of its cosmopolitan regions. Additionally, the game’s community diversity is an extraordinary touch that makes the game livelier.

Mafia II

Mafia is also set in an unreal version of New York City. For example, Empire Bay differs from Liberty City because it is set in the Mid 1940s and early 1950s. Many old-school film thrillers and gangster movies were based in the New York of this era. Mafia II does a remarkable job of allowing players to experience it in the form of a video game. The gaming fraternity should appreciate Mafia II for offering them versions of the city that no longer exist.


Prototype cannot be regarded as a great game, but it’s Manhattan was splendid. The game drew some inspiration from Spider-Man 2 in terms of creating an NYC-based superhero. Moreover, it allows the gamer to navigate through the city and cause mayhem. The game’s later stages feature a city overwhelmed by a mutant epidemic. If you are familiar with the city, the sights of the Empire State Building and Central Park wallowing in horrible mutant gunk will be perturbing.     

The Division

The Division was released in 2016, and it brings to life a city that had faced a dreadful scenario that swiftly transforms the jolly spirit into a horrendous scourge. Banknotes laced with a virus spread around the city quickly, leading to widespread confusion.

Because of the season, the game creates a snowy environment with Christmas decorations creating a visually gleaming game setting. Thanks to the highly detailed buildings, it also renders a more realistic apocalyptic New York. In fact, city residents agreed that the accuracy of the game environment is impressive.

Metal Gear Solid 2

If you are a gaming veteran, you probably vividly remember Metal Gear Solid 2’s spectacular climax. Your arch-foe Solidus Snake rams the gigantic Arsenal Gear machine into the city. The game’s highlight is the blend of the original score and the falling wreckage.

In the concluding encounter, the game locks you in a ferocious duel with Solidus Snake on top of the Federal Hall. But, the game does not use the historical city in the end only; the city also features at the beginning. For example, you will jump from George Washington Bridge as you pursue a tanker that’s hiding the metal gear weapon system.


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