The Ultimate List of the Best Turn-Based RPG Games Ever Made

Written by Ellie Wilson

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Console gaming enjoys a global fan base owing to the huge library of amazing titles distributed across various genres. From adventure, thrill, and horror to role-playing, sports, and shooting arcades, console titles promise the most immersive entertainment for the widest gaming preferences.

Likewise, turn-based role-playing games are always in demand when it comes to choosing the most favorite console titles. If you, too, are a fan of this amazing genre, keep reading to know about and choose from the best turn-based RPG games ever made.

What are Turn-Based Role-Playing Games?

Role-playing games require you to assume a specific character’s role in a fictional gameplay setting to complete the gaming quest. You need to act out these character roles with a narrative through structured decision-making, which aids in character development. As for the turn-based editions of RPG titles, you must complete the gaming quest by participating in turn-based enemy combats.

The quests take you on a journey of different experiences you are bound to enjoy and crave for. Want to start your RPG gaming streak but having difficulty choosing the best one to begin? The confusion is obvious in the vast diversity of these exciting console titles. Given below is the ultimate list of the best turn-based RPG games ever made to make things a little easier!

Best Ever Turn-Based RPG Games You Should Enjoy

  1. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
FFT- Advance

Released on the Game Boy Advance platform, this turn-based RPG title is better known as a spin-off of the Final Fantasy series. Looking at the game elements, you will notice many similarities to Final Fantasy Tactics, the title’s PS1 predecessor. The storyline follows four friends on a magical quest with interesting challenges.

The gameplay progresses as Doned, Ritz, Mewt, and Marche reach the magical world of Ivalice after they accidentally read Grimoire, a magical textbook. Marche takes on a grand adventurous journey to get back to his homeland along with his friends.

The game’s most prominent contribution to RPG games is the introduction of the Law System. This system made the gameplay more challenging through the incorporation of mission-based rules that limited the characters’ abilities. The Law System also revolutionized the strategic expertise required for playing turn-based RPG games, which rendered a more enhanced gaming experience.

Tactics Ogre

Credited as the first entry of the Ogre Saga to become a turn-based role-playing game, this title set the stage for a host of turn-based RPG entries to follow. The game starts with you having to answer a few questions. The scores are used to transform the gameplay into a multi-player arcade.

The answers also decide the fighting side of the players while introducing changes to the storyline according to that. The game is also credited with introducing the Job System and the permanent death mechanics.

If you lose your gaming character and fail to revive it timely, the character is permanently eliminated from the party. The game adds a new strategy element here by expecting you to switch between defense and offense. This makes the quest more exciting and challenging.


This turn-based RPG game was released as the classic remake of the RPG title Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. The gameplay progresses as the Demon Prince Laharl, along with Angel Trainee Flonne and his attendant Etna sets out on a journey to put Laharl’s kingdom in order. The events occur after his father’s death, who was also the former King of Laharl.

The gameplay follows a comedic storyline with a rather simple setup. The exceptional character designs and stunning game levels are the major attractions of this turn-based RPG title. The game’s visual elements are a complete standout, with frequent switches between detailed character designs and cute sprites.

The game has an immersive blend of art styles that is enough to keep you glued to the gameplay for hours on end. The title comes with older installments for new fans to enjoy.

Tactics Ogre Advance

Tactics Ogre: Knight of Lodis is better known as the prequel of the Ogre Battle franchise. The title incorporates the turn-based RPG game Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. This title is among the first RPG games that had a mobile release for the Nintendo Gameboy platform in 2001.

The game also bagged the credit of being the best turn-based RPG title for the GameBoy Advance platform. The portability contributed to an easier and more seamless gaming experience. Packed with the most exciting gameplay and surprisingly strong graphics, the game bagged huge sales within a short span at the time of its release.

Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem is regarded as the first game that followed the turn-based RPG gameplay in the true sense. The title played a pivotal role in popularizing this playstyle among gamers worldwide after its popularity in the Japanese market.

The storyline follows the revival of Shadow Dragon Medeus, the nasty antagonist Wizard Gharnef. The former was killed a long time back by the game’s hero Anri with Falchion, his legendary sword.

A new chapter unfolds as the brother-sister duo Marth and Elice seek revenge after the betrayal of their caretaker. Marth sets out on an adventurous journey to combat Gharnef and Medeus with the legendary sword Falchion, as they rise again to devastate the world.

FFT War of the Lions

Launched for the PlayStation Portable console, this game was released as a remake of Final Fantasy Tactics. The storyline introduces you to RamzaBeoulve, the former noble of Beoulve House. The former cannot suppress his urge to fight and end the war between Ordalia and Ivalice, despite being officially ineligible.

With a motive to safeguard his family from the havoc, Ramza chooses to become a mercenary. This is the first turn-based RPG game that lets you enjoy wireless multiplayer gaming entertainment. The incorporation gave a boost to this PSP title’s playability.

The gameplay tests your potential to survive a quest of tactics while surpassing fellow players in local as well as global environments. The flexibility diversified the gaming experience, which further brought positive acclaim from fans and critics.

Three Houses

Feeling nostalgic about your school adventures? This turn-based RPG game is the best way to relive the fun. Set in a regular school environment, the story depicts the journey of Byleth, the protagonist, who is blessed with the power to change his name and gender.

He takes up the responsibility of the new instructor of tactics and warfare at the Garreg Mach Monastery. As a player of the game, you need to select among the Blue Lions, Golden Deer, and Black Eagles’ main houses to start the gaming quest.

Along with the flexibility to select a house of your choice, there are three different gaming quests for you to explore. You will enjoy the diverse perspectives of the gameplay narrative, but beware of the sense of rivalry with your friends alongside, lest they choose the same house! Turn-based RPG games are absolute sources of fun, excitement, and entertainment. When picking a title to start your streak, you can take a look at the options discussed above.


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