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Baldur's Gate III

New Trailer reveals Baldur’s Gate III Release Date and More

Marcello TBL

At The Game Awards 2022, Larian Studios, the creators of Baldur’s Gate 3 have decided to release a new trailer. ...


15 Open World Tactical RPGs you must play in 2022

Marcello TBL

An open world, it's what I'm always looking for inside the games I play. A Sandbox experience or the possibility of going around taking on quests without a pre-set order - it's vital for me and makes the whole difference. More and more games are taking this approach and below I've listed some of the best you can actually play that also offer another aspect I love; tactical battles.

Baldur's Gate 3

Triple A most anticipated Turn-Based RPGs & Strategy Games of 2022

Marcello TBL

It's true that the turn-based style is most popular among indie developers. Especially those that seek to bring back the atmosphere of the old classics. However, there are also plenty of triple A companies that put their trust in the traditional, more tactical and strategic, mechanics.

Wrath Of The Righteous

The best Isometric Turn-Based RPGs

Marcello TBL

In this article we cover some of the best and playable Isometric Turn-Based RPGs. Games in the vein of the ...

Baldur's gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 – Patch Five is coming

Marcello TBL

Patch 5 will expand on the breadth & depth of Baldur’s Gate 3. Starting Tuesday 13th, players will discover new game-changing ...

Upcoming turn-based games

On the Radar – October 2020


They are the topic of the moment, everybody talks about them, everybody pretends to love or hate them, everybody even ...