Fantasy General II

Weeklong Deals Top PC Games to Get

Fantasy General II, Atelier Ryza, Disco elysium and other turn-based games in the first weeklong deals of November 2022

Marcello TBL

Another week, another set of great Steam deals – and it’s a great one for Turn-Based Lovers to start November ...

Fantasy General II New DLC Evolution Gameplay by Sampstra Games


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Fantasy General II Empire Aflame

Fantasy General II: Empire Aflame – Review


Last March I had the opportunity to review Onslaught on, the first expansion for Fantasy General II. Our feelings ...

Fantasy General II DLC Onslaught Let’s Play by Samspstra Games


Onslaught is the first expansion for Fantasy General II, adding plenty new aerial units and the brand new procedural Onslaught campaign, in which ...

Best Turn-based strategy rpgs of 2019

Top PC turn-based strategy & RPGs of 2019 (played by us)

Marcello TBL

2019 it’s been a great year for video games and for turn-based strategy/RPGs too. While we prepare to receive great ...

Best of the week

Best of the week 16-22 December

Marcello TBL

Total War: Three Kingdoms – Mandate of Heaven Update Colossal Chapter Pack introduces a new prequel campaign, an armada of ...

Fantasy General II

Fantasy General II: Invasion – Review


My forces on the battlefield are divided in half… They have been since we arrived at this cursed swamp. Some ...

Fantasy General II

Fantasy General II Let’s Play by Sampstra Games


Armies once again draw battle-lines on the war-torn land of Keldonia, and a new generation of commanders will test their ...

Upcoming turn-based games

On the Radar – September 2019


Upcoming PC Turn-based Strategy Rpg of September 2019 I don’t know about you, but I like very much September. It ...