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The Best Turn-Based Game News Of The Week / 6 August 2022

Marcello TBL

Ciao a tutti. Here we are at another recap of the best news regarding turn-based Games. Some relevant releases and ...

Light Fairytale Inteerview

Light Fairytale Episode 1 Pre-Orders on Switch

Marcello TBL

France Indie Studio is glad to announce that the first episode of Light Fairytale saga is almost ready to land on Nintendo Switch. 2 episodes have been released so far on PC, Playstation and Xbox and finally Episode 1 pre-orders are open on Nintendo Shop unlocking the game on April 28th.

Light Fairytale Inteerview

10 Turns Interview with Light FairyTale Saga dev –


In the early 90s, I had the luck to play video games. I started with some simple games, but in ...

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10 Turn-based games/series of games to play under 10 hours

Charlie Norris

Looking for a short turn-based game to play over the weekend? Then we have you covered in the definitive list of games/game series that can be finished in 10 hours or less.

Light FairyTale Episode 2 Header



Light FairyTale Episode 2 is the immediate continuation of the first chapter. It retakes the story just where you finish ...

Light FairyTale Episode 1 Header



Light Fairytale Episode 1 is the first game of this series. It’s a turn-based RPG, with a chibi style, cute ...

Upcoming Turn-based Jrpg Pc 2019 2020

Upcoming Pc turn-based Jrpg 2019-2020

Marcello TBL

updated on 16/12/2019 For all lovers of traditional JRPG, rigorously with turn-based battles, we have scoured the net to find ...