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Light FairyTale Episode 2 is the immediate continuation of the first chapter. It retakes the story just where you finish the first part.

It continues all the aspects of the previous game, as the chibi style or the turn-based battles. Also, it adds more options for the gameplay, like new skills, characters, enemies and reminiscences of the genre classics.

Exploring the Deeplands

After the first episode, Haru starts this journey in the Deeplands, a harsh place dominated by the snow. Unlike chapter 1, where it took place in a steampunk city, this offers more places to explore. You have plains, forests, strange ruins and other places to visit. You will find items, new enemies, mainly accord to the snow thematic, and NPCs who will resist these extreme conditions. And of course, there are interesting hidden achievements to discover, like in the first title, even some are funny.

There are some new gameplay mechanics too, like the heat one, where if Haru does not arrive at a hot place after a determined time, he will pass out or even die. Also, there is a snowy labyrinth with hidden stuff to discover. Besides, several aspects of the game reminded me of known classic turn-based RPGs, bringing me good memories.

Light FairyTale Chapter 2 Memories
The light and the flowerbed reminded me of something that I played several years ago. Do you know which game?

On the main news are the new companions. In the first chapter, you only have access to Kuroko, Haru’s childhood friend, but on this one, you will have two new comrades: Ayaka and Kid. Ayaka is a healer, she has the special command Pray, and she only uses magic to attack (she also has an extensive MP). She will be a substantial help during the trip through the different scenarios of the Deeplands. Kid appeared in the first chapter as an NPC, on this one, you can play as her. She can steal items from the enemies, apart from using attacks and magic. Both have their fury ability too.

With the appearance of new companions, you can use a new function, edit your battle team. The battle team are two members, and Haru is unmovable, so you will have to decide who will join you in battles. You can change your companion on every save point.


Battles are a continuation of episode 1 too. They are turn-based, and you can use attacks, magic, some unique commands, defend and use items. The news on these aspects is the greater availability of orbs, and the new teammates’ commands and fury attacks. The enemies will be different too.

Light FairyTale Chapter 2 Battles
Battles will be like in the first chapter. The difference is that you will have new characters, abilities and enemies, giving more depth to combats

Asides from the lighting orbs of the first episode, now you will get other elemental orbs: ice and fire. Both are helpful in the snowy scenario. You can equip them on the weapons, to add elemental effects, or in the equipment to get extra defence against the elements.

The major news on this aspect in episode 2 is that you will have access to a couple of summonses, one of the dark element and one of the ice element. Both display a cinematic when you use them. Also, their elemental effects will have the same effect as the other orbs in your equipment.

Light FairyTale Episode 2 Summons
You will have a couple of interesting friends from summoning orbs. They are very helpful

The fury gauge, the one which refills when you receive damage, will be here again. When you fulfil it, you can use a devastating attack or magic, reminding me of the Limit Break of the classic FFVII. Your companions have their fury attack, but the main news on this feature is that Haru learns a new fury ability, which is modifiable.

Asides from the new resources, there are more enemies to beat in episode 2. In general, some of them are harder, and I felt that they were more complicated than the ones in the previous chapter. However, I only had trouble against a couple of them, without dilemma.

Light FairyTale Episode 2 Fury
Haru will learn a new fury trick, and it’s “customizable”. The new characters have their fury attack too

Overall experience

Light FairyTale Episode 2 is a direct continuation of the previous title. You retake the story from the end of the first one, and the combat system and the graphics style are the same. The soundtrack has more tracks, and it is still epic. With the new additions: playable characters, scenarios, enemies, orbs and skills, the original catalogue is fuller. Also, it has several reminiscences of the classics of the genre.

It’s still short, but is longer than the first chapter. It took me about 4 hours to finish it, with all the achievements. In general, I liked it more than the previous game. My recommendation is to play it, but after playing episode 1, because at the beginning there is an anime summary, but you will miss some things. Also, a controller is recommendable for a better experience, but you can use the keyboard without problems. If you are a fan of turn-based JRPGs, it is a recommendable title to play.

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