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Netherguild – Steam Demo Release

Solo developer David Vinokurov is excited to announce the launch of a new Steam demo for tactical roguelite Netherguild, on the 10rd of March 2022. Gather your brave voxel characters and lead them to ...


A game about assembling an expedition deep into earth, exploring and bonding with your team members. Netherguild is also a turn based strategy-roguelite game in a fantasy world with no magic-

Keep an eye On It

Keep an Eye on It: 5 Turn-Based Tactical RPGs #2

Ciao everyone, welcome to the second episode of the Keep an Eye on It column. As in the first episode, I will collect 5 more upcoming games and show them to you with a brief description and links to t...

Netherguild – Overview

A turn-based tactical game about assembling an expedition deep underground- adventuring, exploring and fighting hostile denizens of the underworld along the way set in a medieval fantasy world without...