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The best 10 Turn-Based RPG & Strategy Games covered during Steam Next Fest of February 2022

Steam Next Fest 2022 featured hundreds of upcoming titles, giving players a glimpse of great things to come. The turn-based offerings were particularly good this time around, and it was hard to whittl...


Ozymandias – Steam Next Fest Preview

The name Ozymandias is probably best known in modern culture as a character in the comic Watchmen. That character takes his name from a poem by Percey Shelley, husband of Frankenstein author Mary She...

Grim Road

10 Promising Turn-Based RPG & Strategy Indie Games of 2022 | Kaeoi#37

We're one month into 2022, and still have no idea where we'll find the time to play all the great games on their way this year. This edition of Keep An Eye On It has a bevy of historical and fantasy g...

Ozymandias: Bronze Age Empire Sim

Ozymandias: Bronze Age Empire Sim

Build an empire in a single sitting. All the strategy of a classic 4X in a faster format, which also shines in multiplayer.