Total War

Troy Total War

Should you play Troy: A Total War Saga? An epic scale Bronze Age Turn-Based Game? Then Yes!


Troy A Total War Saga is perhaps one of the most underrated titles of the Total War series; for it ...

Total War: Warhammer 2 – Review


Huge global map, many factions, diplomacy, economy... And tactical level includes every reasonable nuance, including monsters and magic.

Best Turn-based strategy rpgs of 2019

Top PC turn-based strategy & RPGs of 2019 (played by us)

Marcello TBL

2019 it’s been a great year for video games and for turn-based strategy/RPGs too. While we prepare to receive great ...

Best of the week

Best of the week 16-22 December

Marcello TBL

Total War: Three Kingdoms – Mandate of Heaven Update Colossal Chapter Pack introduces a new prequel campaign, an armada of ...

On the Radar – May 2019


Upcoming PC Turn-based Strategy Rpg May is a month full of new turn-based games release. Here are the most important ...