Clair Obscure: Expedition 33 RPG

Kill The Paintress In This Ambitious Reactive Turn-Based JRPG

Marcello TBL

Clair Obscur: Expedition 33 Is Already One Of The Most Anticipated RPGs. Here is our overview A few days ago, ...

10 New Turn-Based RPG AnnouncEments

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All the latest “wow” announcements in terms of RPGs and Strategy games The Summer Fest 2024 events were truly vibrant ...

Xenogears And Vagrant Story Had a Baby – SacriFire Preview

Marcello TBL

A Love Letter To Classic JRPGs From Pixelated Milk We initially discussed SacriFire in 2021, and I’m saying this not ...

Top RPG News And Releases Of The Week 2 June 2024

Everything Turn-Based – Weekly RPG News And Releases 2 June 2024

Marcello TBL

This week’s RPG weekly recap is highlighted by the release of two highly anticipated titles and some important news. Personally, ...

Top RPGs of June 2024

Top Turn-Based RPGs And Strategy Games Of June 2024

Marcello TBL

The Most Relevant Releases on PC, Switch, Playstation, and Xbox We are in June, and I know many of you ...

Flint: Treasure of Oblivion Overview

Uncover the Secrets of Captain Flint in Epic Pirate Tactical RPG

Marcello TBL

A Making-Of Documentary For Most Anticipated Tactical RPG Microids and Savage Level proudly unveil the first behind-the-scenes documentary of Flint: ...

Weekly RPG News And Releases 26 May 2024

Everything Turn-Based – Weekly RPG News And Releases – 26 May 2024

Marcello TBL

News, Announcements, And Worthy Releases Of The Past Week The past week hasn’t been particularly rich in news, but it’s ...

Top RPG News And Annuncements

Everything Turn-Based – Weekly RPG News and Releases – 19 MaY 2024

Marcello TBL

Turn-Based RPGs and Strategy Games of the Last Week Plus Some TBL Website Updates Welcome to a new Weekly RPG ...

Shuffle Tactics Roguelite RPG

Shuffle Tactics: Conceived from the Unlikely Union of Final Fantasy Tactics and Slay the Spire – Overview

Marcello TBL

Surely, tactical games are among my favorite genres, not to mention the pixel graphics and the game I’m introducing showcases ...

Weekly Recap RPG News And Releases

Everything Turn-Based – Weekly RPG News & Releases – 12 May 2024

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Even this week brings another edition of my Weekly RPG Recap. I said, “Even this week,” because lately, there’s no ...