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Many game developers around the world are fascinated with the post-apocalyptic setting. But dilapidated buildings, rusty cars carcasses and the ...

Jagged Alliance: Rage Title Screen

Jagged Alliance: Rage! – Review


Do you believe, that our name shapes our destiny? Some PR-managers do. They gave name Jagged Alliance to another stealth ...

Deep Sky Derelicts

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Deep Sky Derelicts is a rogue-like set in the far, dystopian future when only a fraction of humanity living a lush life ...

Hex Gambit multiplayer turn-based tactical game

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Hex Gambit is one of the cleverest games I have played in a long time. This turn-based arena strategy game ...

Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics gameplay

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This game is one of those that people talk about, saying “they had potential”. I mean, seriously, Lovecraftian Mythos, Occult ...

Mad Crown Turn-based Tactics

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Mad Crown is a turn-based RPG with roguelike elements – sounds good I hear you cry!! Well… The story is ...

For the King Pc Review

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For the King by IronOak successfully combines the genres of a tactical turned-based, rogue-like, and board game experience that offers ...

Blood Card

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Defeat comes often in Blood Card, but with every defeat comes a determination to get just a bit farther on ...

Tales of Maj eyal

Tales of Maj’Eyal – Review


Hello there! I am a new reviewer on the site, going by handle Miyokari. With this, I am going to ...

Lords of Xulima - Review

Lords of Xulima – Review

Marcello TBL

My review for the very challenging turn-based RPG by the spanish indie developer Numantian Games. Let’s talk about Lords of Xulima. ...