BioSynth: Rising

BioSynth: Rising is a single-player classic RPG, with an isometric view and the ability to switch to third-person and a combat system inspired by Divinity Original Sin. Soon on Kickstarter

Biosynth Rising

About the game


The game has a Sci-Fi setting, with some elements from Cyberpunk and Biopunk. Robots play a key role in the world: they have free will and even have recognized rights, on par with human.


You start by creating your character and then, during your explorations in the game, you can encounter and recruit some companions. Your party group can be made of up to 4 characters (including your own).
During character creation, you can assign your attribute points and pick your class – which will affect the skill trees available and other aspects of the game. Currently, the name of 3 of the classes is publicly shared: bounty hunter (a character who uses technology to hunt its prey), surgeon (a skilled healer and buffer/debuffer), and hacker (an expert in manipulating devices and robots).



There’s a very strategic turn-based combat: character positions in the environment, height, party group compositions, destructible objects, and skills allow to differentiate each combat.

Other features

There are a few other features that will be discussed at a later date, like reputation system, branched dialogs, subquests, and bounties.

About the developer

Before artists and developers, they are players – just like you. And they are fully independent, there isn’t any investor who will decide about their game. Because of these two reasons they are able to create a game truly driven by passion and not by money.

The Team

A small team of 7 focused, dedicated and passionate people. Before onboarding a new team member, they make sure that he/she fits with other team members, shares the studio values, and has a strong passion for his/her job other than checking his/her skills. This makes them very competitive even with a small team size.

Release date & platforms

BioSynth: Rising will be a PC game with a Kickstarter campaign that will start soon.

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