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10 Top Promising Turn-Based RPGs & Strategy Games – Kaeoi42

Written by Marcello TBL

Lords of Ravage

42 is an important number to sci-fi fans around the world. It’s the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything, although what exactly the question is has yet to be determined. While we don’t claim to understand fundamental truths of existence, we do know a thing or two about turn-based RPGs & Strategy games around here. Welcome to another installment of Keep An Eye On It!

As always, we’ve got a promising lineup of forthcoming turn-based games. If dark fantasy is your jam, be sure to check out Grim Quest and Lords of Ravage. If you prefer some post-apocalyptic battles across ruined highways, you might consider The Outer Radius or For A Vast Future instead. Whichever games catch your eye, always be sure to Wishlist and Follow them on Steam to help the devs get more exposure – if you’re interested in a game, chances are somebody else will be too!



Playwood Project’s Wartile system returns in their newest project, Successor. This time around, players will journey across a fantasy kingdom on a roguelike campaign, participating in deep, meticulously-crafted tactical battles along the way. Three playable Lords, branching paths, and a procedurally-generated world map provide plenty of replay value as well.

Like the original Wartile, battles in Successor take place on a three-dimensional hex grid reminiscent of HeroScape and similar tabletop games. Units are represented by miniatures, and the game uses a tactical pause function to blend turn-based and real-time gameplay. If the game is as fun as it is pretty, it could be a hit. We’ll find out when it launches later this year.

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Terror: Endless Night

Terror Endless Night

Earlier this month, the wreck of HMS Endurance was found beneath the waters of Antarctica after over a century. The infamous ship was part of the ill-fated Shackleton Expedition, which turned into a story of survival against impossible odds. Terror: Endless Night clearly takes inspiration from the Endurance‘s story, putting players in charge of a rescue mission to save sailors stranded in one of Earth’s harshest climates.

While searching the frozen waters for the missing HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, you’ll need to keep your crew as healthy as you can. As conditions get worse, you’ll need to make excruciating decisions; do you keep feeding a critically injured crewman? Is eating the dead acceptable if it means the rest of the crew might survive? Terror is bound to be a brutal game in the tradition of Frostpunk when it releases in early 2023.

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Eden’s Last Sunrise

Eden's Last Sunrise

Sungazer Software’s debut title has a lot going for it; not only is the plot something new and unique, but it also looks to blend the best elements of both Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem. Support conversations, AP-based tactical battles, and a campaign management layer combine to make Eden’s Last Sunrise a game that should make TRPG fans sit up and take notice. The ability to fully customize new recruits, including their species, clothes, appearance, and personality is icing on the cake.

The game takes place in a world where magic is readily accessible, drawn from the planet itself. As magic gave rise to technological advancement, a society of explorers went into space, opting to live without magic. They have since returned, claiming that a cosmic disaster will soon strike and that people must upload their consciousness to a vast supercomputer if they want to survive. Players will decide how much to trust the spacefarers and ultimately make choices that affect the fate of the world over the course of their playthrough. It’s a cool idea, and we’ll see how it all comes together when the game launches on 3 November.

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Turbeton is an upcoming head-to-head multiplayer game from developer duo Caleb Pecka and Calvin Shafer. It’s a competitive battle for control of the Afterlife where players can draft cards from both their own deck as well as their opponent’s. Fighting across three lanes to destroy both of your opponent’s Shrines, you’ll earn gold throughout a match to unlock more and more upgrades.

Turbeton is designed to be a high-power, combo-driven game. The devs themselves readily state that top-level decks will be “horrifically broken” (their words, not mine), so victory will come either from finding the most efficient route to finishing your opponent or from unexpectedly neutralizing their winning move. If you’re the kind of player who loves Magic: The Gathering but thinks Commander is too tame, be sure to check Turbeton out when it launches on 26 May.

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Grim Quest

Grim Quest

As you might expect from its name, Grim Quest is a dark fantasy RPG filled with Lovecraftian terror. While there are no classes, the game offers dozens of backgrounds, skills, and spells to let players customize their character however they like. From there, it’s time to explore the city of Ashborne; taking quests, fighting bosses, and uncovering secrets better left unknown.

Grim Quest takes its inspiration from retro PC dungeon-crawlers, so it’s very text-heavy. This means there’s a lot of lore to discover, and adjustable difficulty including optional permadeath further allows players to tailor their gameplay experience. Best of all, the game is only a few weeks away, releasing for Steam on 1 April. If you’d rather not wait, the game is available right now on mobile.

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For a Vast Future

For a Vast Future

If you love JRPGs but don’t have time to commit to a 60+ hour epic, be sure to take a gander at Something Classic Games’ For A Vast Future. Clocking in at just six to eight hours, this bite-sized adventure offers retro ATB gameplay and a story of dystopian conspiracy. After a global conflict finally ends, you’ll travel what’s left of society collecting scrap and revealing dangerous secrets.

Despite its brief story, For A Vast Future utilizes a complete crafting and customization system allowing you to try different builds on each playthrough. The sepia-toned graphics evoke classic Game Boy titles with a post-apocalyptic twist. A free demo is available to try, and the full game is expected to release this autumn.

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Noyah: Corrupted Memories


Pyrexalia is going all-in on their Castlevania-like dark fantasy world of Noyah, and that’s pretty exciting. Their main project, Mists of Noyah, is currently in early access, challenging players to survive the worlds’ terrors in a Terraria-like survival side scroller. Noyah: Corrupted Memories is a roguelike deckbuilder in the style of Slay The Spire, with the developer’s signature pixel art style.

Runes can be added to cards, giving individual copies of cards unique tweaks. Corrupted Memories also features weather conditions and a day/night cycle to add further complexity and challenge. To top it all off, the sprite animations are positively stunning. While no release date has been set, Q1 of 2022 is winding down so hopefully we’ll see Noyah: Corrupted Memories very soon.

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Lords of Ravage

Lords of Ravage

Taking a page from the tabletop card game Boss Monster, Synthetic Domain’s Lords of Ravage puts players in the spiked boots of a fantasy dungeon’s final boss. Starting on the brink of defeat by impudent heroes, the titular Lord of Ravage will claw their way back to conquer the world. Sending out minions to seek items of power, making deals with corrupt mortals, and destroying those who will not kneel are all part of the game’s strategic layer.

Meanwhile, everything from lone heroes to full armies will set out to defeat you. Those that survive your terrifying beasts and deadly traps will have to face the Lord of Ravage in battle… or you can show up early and give the meddling do-gooders a nasty surprise before they’ve had a chance to level up. Lords Of Ravage looks to be a grand time burning the world, and releases in late 2022.

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The Outer Radius

The Outer Radius

In Sappy Game Studio’s post-apocalyptic roguelite, players lead a caravan of survivors from the dangerous wastelands to presumed safety at the titular Outer Radius. Every decision from rationing to crafting to the team’s approach to combat is up to you. Furthermore, each survivor is randomized and unique.

Survival will require fighting your way through the mutated denizens of the wasteland using whatever weapons you can scrounge. The game’s pixelated grid-based battles offer a challenging combination of stealth and combat tactics. No release date is yet announced, so be sure to wishlist and follow The Outer Radius to stay updated.

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Grey Heritage: Faded Vision

Grey Heritage: Faded Vision

Another title for busy gamers who want RPG gameplay without the interminable length is BTrain Studio’s Grey Heritage: Faded Vision. With gameplay and graphical style drawn from early Fire Emblem games, Grey Heritage is a story of royal politics, betrayal, and rebellion in about ten hours.

Each of the story’s fourteen battles have unique objectives, making the maps more than just eliminating all foes. Like Fire Emblem, managing your party’s inventory effectively is required if you want to have any hope of victory. Give the demo a try, and if you like it the full game is expected to release on 1 December 2022

Wishlist Grey Heritage: Faded Vision on Steam

Another list of 10 Promising Indie Turn-Based RPGs and Strategy Games ends here, let me know what you think about them in the comments, while, below you will find the video version of this article with trailers accompanied by my amazing voice. Wish you the very best. Ciao


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