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Best 5 Turn-Based RPGs of 2021 – Strateture Picks

Written by Strateture


It’s here, the most anticipated GOTY list of 2021! Oh, you expected a more laid-back and humble introduction? Yeah, no, that’s not how I do things. If you won’t roll out the red carpet and toot all the horns—I will. Especially with this year’s line-up in mind. They deserve all the glitter we can throw at them and more. This is also true for a slew of games I didn’t include. I will, however, make sure to give them their due praise at a later date in one way, shape or form. But until that happens, let’s focus on the games listed below.

Now, we all know how this works. I give you a list of games, and you voice your complaints in the comment section. Hey, Strateture! Why didn’t you add [random game name] to the list? Did you forget about it, or was it an oversight? No, it wasn’t. I didn’t add the game to the list because I knew it would piss you off and create a debate.

Well, that’s the answer I’d like for it to be at least. I mean, that response sounds edgier than the truth, which is less exciting—much like the game you want me to add. But enough about you and what you want me to do. Let’s take a look at what I found to be the best turn-based games of 2021!

5. Gloomhaven by Flaming Fowl Studios


Gloomhaven is the most advanced and hard-to-master card game ever released and should be part of your game library if you and your friends are tired of generic card games and wants a real challenge.


4. Midnight Protocol by LuGus Studios


Midnight Protocol is the most creative and relatable game that released in 2021 and should be in your game library if you want to play a well-executed and modern adaptation of a text-based adventure.


3. Trials of Fire by Whatboy Games


Trials of Fire has one of the best implementations of synergies between cards and characters and should be in your game library if you want to play a tactical card game that offers a seamless experience.


2. Vagrus – The Riven Realms by Lost Pilgrims Studio


Vagrus – The Riven Realms has one the most extensive and engrossing storylines of any game and should be part of your game library if you’re into role-playing games with a focus on the world and characters around you.


1. Solasta: Crown of the Magister by Tactical Adventures


Solasta: Crown of the Magister is the most accessible and well balanced role-playing game released in 2021 and should be in your game library if you want a honest and complete experience without the unnecessary fluff.


Honorable mention

Oh the horrors, he didn’t have Wildermyth, Curious Expedition 2, Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector, Disciples: Liberation or Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous on his list! Let me stop you right there before you give yourself a heart attack. Sure, I’m my own boss and the only one who decides what I can and cannot do. (Don’t tell Marcello I said that!)

The problem is I’m working with a set amount of slots and can’t add every game that was released this year even if I wanted to. I can, however, do something as good, if not better. I can reveal this year’s honorable mention that has secured a spot on the GOTY list for 2022. Yes, I’m about to give you a sneak peek into the future, and you don’t even have to time travel via the endless universe to find out what will happen!

King Arthur: Knights Tale by NeocoreGames


King Arthur: Knights Tale has the most ominous and enthralling atmosphere of any upcoming game and should be in your game library if you want to play a game with more personality and attitude than other games in its genre.


The inevitable end

All good things must come to an end. That’s how the saying goes. Sure, this GOTY list is a good thing that’s about to end. But it’s also the beginning or continuation of your journey into the grandiose world of games. Whatever is the case for you, these games will keep you busy for months to come and make you forget about the world and people around you.

That’s what I did. Imagine my shock when the tax office called and told me they were still waiting for that tax form they requested months ago. I did what any Swede would do and blamed our failing postal service. To no surprise of mine, it turned out to be an acceptable excuse. The only thing left for me to do is to come up with an excuse as to why my gaming skills are lacking. But until that happens, thanks for your support and a happy new year!


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    • I guess it depends on your knowledge about a game and your overall preference. That’s also the reason why my motivations are so generic in a way. They focus on facts more so than my arbitrary opinion. I mean, a GOTY list is a compilation of reviews after all. So I think it’s important to be honest with the readers who might base their purchases on it. 🙂


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