Solasta Crown of the Magister

Solasta: Palace of Ice

Solasta: Palace of Ice Release Date Announced – The Biggest Content Update Yet!

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Tactical Adventures, the award-winning French game development studio, has revealed the highly anticipated release date for Solasta: Palace of Ice. ...

Solasta: Palace of Ice

Solasta New Campaign Palace of Ice Announcement

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Exciting news for fans of Solasta: Crown of the Magister as Tactical Adventures has announced a new premium DLC campaign, ...

Solasta Featured

Perfect time to enjoy one of the best cRPGs with the Game Pass

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Tactical Adventures’ award-winning, team-based tactical fantasy cRPG, Solasta: Crown of the Magister, is now available on Game Pass for Xbox Series ...

Solasta Lost Valley

Solasta: The Lost Valley – Review


Solasta: The Lost Valley is a completely self-contained DLC campaign for Solasta: Crown of the Magister. In it, four characters, designed by the player, get cut off from the outside world in a secluded valley.

Solasta Lost Valley

New Campaign & Multiplayer Mode This Spring for Solasta: Crown of the Magister

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Following the release of Solasta: Crown of the Magister, Tactical Adventures has revealed a brand new campaign for the award-winning cRPG. Solasta: Lost Valley launches on April 14, 2022, alongside free multiplayer support for existing players, who can try multiplayer early via a beta running from March 17-21, 2022.

Best 5 Turn-Based RPGs of 2021 – Strateture Picks


It's here, the most anticipated GOTY list of 2021! Oh, you expected a more laid-back and humble introduction? Yeah, no, that's not how I do things. If you won't roll out the red carpet and toot all the horns—I will. Especially with this year's line-up in mind. They deserve all the glitter we can throw at them and more. This is also true for a slew of games I didn't include. I will, however, make sure to give them their due praise at a later date in one way, shape or form. But until that happens, let's focus on the games listed below.

Wrath Of The Righteous

The best Isometric Turn-Based RPGs

Marcello TBL

In this article we cover some of the best and playable Isometric Turn-Based RPGs. Games in the vein of the ...

Upcoming turn-based games

On The Radar – May 2021


“You’re a child in the gardenYou’re growing up I’ll watch you bloomAnd your dreams are not forgotten“– Greta Van Fleet ...

Solasta Featured

Solasta: Crown Of The Magister: Release date

Marcello TBL

Tactical Adventures, an independent French development studio of passionate and dedicated RPG game developers and tabletop players, announced today its ...


Aiori’s 2020 Top 5


2020 was an atypical year for all the World due to the COVID-19 situation. We had to accept restrictions, we ...

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