Top 10 Mostly Positive Free Turn-Games RPGs To Play On PC in 2024

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Top 10 Free To Play RPGs of 2024

Let’s See Some Of The Best RPGs For Players On A Budget

Let’s be honest: the “Free-To-Play” label often implies low quality, or at least it can evoke that sentiment. However, as with all things in this world, it’s important not to generalize, especially when it comes to video games. So today, I’ve decided to put together a list of 10 of the most recent Turn-Based RPGs that are completely Free-To-Play and definitely worth your time.

In this list, I didn’t want to go too far back in time, so two important titles are missing that I should at least mention. Games like Battle For Wesnoth, which has been consistently releasing updates and new content since 2003, and Wakfu, which I loved in the past despite disliking all those in-game purchase options. With that said, let’s start with the Top 10 Free-To-Play Modern RPGs list.

Sefirot Shards

Let’s start with Sefirot Shards, a collectible card RPG from Team Game that immerses players in a rich fantasy world teeming with strategic turn-based PvP battles and expansive monster-filled locales. Released in July 2023, the game invites players to build and enhance their squads, level up their heroes, and uncover the secrets of Sefirot through a captivating story campaign and daily quests.

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With mostly positive reviews, Sefirot Shards features a robust deck-building system where players can acquire and synergize new units and hero magic cards, fight for dominance in the PvP arena, and upgrade their heroes with legendary armor and enhanced magical abilities. Available in multiple languages and playable on Steam Deck, this free-to-play indie RPG offers both single-player and online PvP experiences, complete with Steam achievements and in-app purchases.

Onebit Adventure

OneBit Adventure, developed and published by Galactic Slice, is a casual turn-based roguelike that challenges players to venture as far as possible, battling rogue monsters and collecting loot. Players can choose from a variety of classes such as Warrior, Blood Knight, Wizard, and more, each with unique play styles and abilities, to build the ultimate class.

OneBit Adventure

As they explore procedurally generated dungeons, players level up, acquire new skills, and enhance their characters to survive increasingly difficult foes. OneBit Adventure features single-player mode, Steam achievements, in-app purchases, and cross-platform play, allowing seamless gameplay between Steam, Android, and iOS. It also offers a hardcore mode for a true roguelike experience, a competitive leaderboard, and unlockable themes to customize the game’s appearance.

Broken Ranks

Broken Ranks is a free-to-play MMORPG that plunges players into a richly detailed dark fantasy world teeming with both epic adventures and gritty realism. This game offers a compelling, non-linear storyline filled with frequent plot twists and morally complex choices, requiring players to navigate through a war-torn kingdom in a quest to reclaim their lost homeland.

Broken Ranks

Broken Ranks boasts a unique turn-based combat system inspired by classic RPGs, featuring seven unique character classes, each with a diverse set of abilities. The game’s hand-drawn graphics and immersive low-fantasy atmosphere create a captivating environment for players to explore, either solo or in guilds.

Regular updates and an engaged community, bolstered by annual player gatherings known as TaernCon, further enhance the game’s dynamic experience. Whether aiding a beaten prostitute or uncovering the mysteries of a haunted well, players will find themselves constantly surprised by the depth and complexity of the world of Broken Ranks.

Age of Fear: The Free World

Age of Fear: The Free World is a free-to-play turn-based strategy game that introduces players to the decade-old Age of Fear series. Developed and published by Leslaw Sliwko, this tactical RPG combines the best elements of tabletop wargames and role-playing games. Players choose from factions like the Undead Legion, Human Kingdom, or Greenskins Horde, building unique armies and embarking on diverse quests within an open-world setting.

Age of Fear

The game features hex-free battles, global events, and a deep party customization system. The hand-drawn graphics and frequent updates keep the community engaged, while the unique turn-based combat system and complex storyline provide an immersive experience.

Soda Dungeon 2

Soda Dungeon 2 brings back the beloved laid-back dungeon crawler experience with an array of new features and improvements. Developed by AN Productions and Poxpower and published by Armor Games Studios, this free-to-play RPG was released in 2020 to very positive reviews. Players can embark on a new adventure, upgrading an entire town, crafting gear, and exploring alternate dimensions.

Soda Dungeon 2 RPG

The game offers new classes, custom AI patterns through Soda Script, and the ability to earn resources even while AFK. With charming pixel graphics, Soda Dungeon 2 allows players to recruit soda-fueled minions to raid dungeons, gather loot, and build a powerful team to face the Dark Lord’s challenges. The game supports cross-platform play, ensuring that your progress is always within reach, whether on mobile or Steam.

Mist Legacy

Mist Legacy, developed and published by Virtys, offers a fresh take on the MMORPG genre with its top-down world, turn-based combat, and skill-based progression system. This free-to-play game invites players into the enchanting world of Myriaden, where a character’s growth is determined by the skills players choose to develop, free from traditional class constraints.

Mist Legacy

Players explore vibrant forests, treacherous mountains, and bustling cities, all of which require specific skills to navigate. As a Mistalker, players awaken outside the protective Mist, embarking on an adventure to uncover the mysteries of this new world. Mist Legacy’s unique approach to crafting, combined with its turn-based multiplayer combat, allows for deep customization and strategic gameplay.


It is one of my favorites on this Free To Play RPGs list. Developed and published by Fluttermind, which is an indie studio created by Dene Carter, one of the co-creators of Fable, Moonring is a retro-inspired traditional roguelike RPG that seamlessly blends dark fantasy elements with classic turn-based roguelike mechanics, all wrapped in a unique neon aesthetic. Released in 2023 the game has received overwhelmingly positive reviews for its immersive open-world exploration and modern design sensibilities.

Players navigate the hand-crafted world of Caldera, battling over 100 types of enemies in procedurally generated dungeons and engaging in turn-based combat enhanced by a dynamic moon phase system that influences their abilities.

Moonring RPG

As a Dreamless adventurer, players can trade, sneak, fight, and sail, uncovering the secrets of a civilization born from the light of five moons. With no set classes, players shape their destinies, whether challenging the Archon or even the Gods themselves. Moonring captivates with its nostalgic yet fresh approach to RPGs, enriched by a Dungeon Synth soundtrack and an intricate hidden magic system.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

The next game I’m introducing to you is a calling card for a series that is quite well-known among fans of the genre. Epic Battle Fantasy 3 is a whimsical turn-based JRPG crafted by Matt Roszak, filled with absurdities and comedic elements that define its charm. The game boasts an array of humorous and often nonsensical features, including useless NPCs, rabid cats, and oversized weapons, all wrapped up in a playful anime style.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 RPG

Its humor is decidedly childish, with plenty of silly jokes and exaggerated anime aesthetics, including notably large weapons and anime boobs. It offers a free-to-play experience with over 10 hours of content and numerous items to collect, encouraging players to delve into the series’ other games.


It’s one of the most recent games in this list. From Wakfu creators comes a new multiplayer RPG set in the same universe called Waven. This free-to-play tactical multiplayer RPG invites players to forge their own destiny in a vibrant, flooded world where adventure awaits on every island. Players select their hero, equip powerful spells, and sail from island to island in search of glory and treasure.

Waven Combat System

Waven boasts a unique blend of turn-based strategy and deck-building mechanics, wrapped in colorful, cartoonish graphics. It offers extensive gameplay options, including PvE and PvP modes, where players can face off against monsters, gather valuable loot, and compete against others in the Kolossium to prove their valor. Available on multiple platforms, Waven ensures that players can continue their epic journey on PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet, making it a versatile and engaging experience for fans of the genre.

Card Hunter

Let’s end with one of the oldest games on this list. Since 2015, Card Hunter has offered a unique blend of card gaming and tabletop RPG, creating a fresh spin on classic adventure games. In Card Hunter, players build their party, craft their decks, and embark on a massive single-player campaign or engage in competitive multiplayer matches.

Card Hunter Pc RPG

The game features a distinctive deck-building system where equipping gear automatically constructs your deck, adding a strategic layer to the grid-based tactical combat. With cross-platform multiplayer, cooperative play, and a variety of campaigns and expansions, Card Hunter offers endless challenges and adventures in a vibrant, card-driven world.

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