Black Legend – Announcement Trailer

The City of Grant hides many secrets, even without the cover of a madness-inducing fog. Seek them out, and you might just...

Necromunda: Underhive Wars | Gameplay First-Hour

Let's play Necromunda: Underhive Wars by Rogue Factor. I show you the single-player campaign that works as a tutorial too.

Monster Crown – First Big Update

The dark monster taming game Monster Crown received a big content update today. The ‘very positive’ rated game released in Steam® Early...

Out There: Oceans of Time | Pc Space Exploration Game |...

Out There: Oceans of Time Demo Gameplay. Let's take a look at the space exploration game by Mi-Clos Studio, Goblinz Studio. We...

Project Haven | Video Gameplay

Demo Gameplay of Project Haven. The Turn-Based Tactical developed by Foresight Games. A promising game that features a manual aiming system, mature...

Chained Echoes – Video Gameplay

Demo Gameplay of Chained Echoes by Matthias Linda. An old-school JRPG with innovative features and giant mechs. Let me know what you...

Terra Randoma – First Impressions

"Nomen Omen"- A famous latin proverb If you are one of those who regularly read this blog, it's...

Project Haven – 5 minutes gameplay at Gamescom 2020

PROJECT HAVEN, an indie cyberpunk Tactical Turn-Based RPG inspired by the genre classics, will have a playable demo during gamescom 2020.

HoloFist | Turn-Based RPG | Announcement Trailer

What do you think about HoloFist? HoloFist is a tie-in game for a cartoon that doesn't exist! A turn based battle game...

Mechajammer – Simultaneous Turn-Based RPG – Gameplay Trailer

What do you think about Mechajammer by Whalenought Studios? Fleeing the galaxy-wide Ci-War, your party crashes onto the...