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A Guide to February Steam Next Fest 2023 | What to Play

Written by Marcello TBL

Steam Next Fest 2023

Steam Next Fest is a virtual gaming festival hosted by the popular digital distribution platform, Steam. The festival is designed to provide a platform for game developers to showcase their latest and upcoming projects to players and the gaming community at large. It’s an exciting opportunity for players to get an early look at the future of gaming and discover new and innovative games that are about to be released.

During the festival, players can preview and play upcoming games, participate in virtual workshops and developer talks, and watch live events featuring game developers and industry experts. The festival is designed to be an interactive and engaging experience, allowing players to connect with the developers behind the games they love and learn more about the process of game development.

In addition to offering a sneak peek at upcoming games, the Steam Next Fest is also a celebration of the gaming community and the passion and creativity that drives it. The festival provides a platform for developers to connect with players, share their stories, and receive feedback on their projects.

Overall, the Steam Next Fest is a must-attend event for anyone interested in the future of gaming. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer, a developer, or just someone who loves playing games, this festival offers something for everyone.

The February 2023 edition just started on Monday and will go on till the next Monday 13th February. Lots are Turn-Based Games to try, I can safely say that this edition is one of the crowdest ever. Time is limited, though, so you need a guide on what to play during these days, that’s why I prepared this list with 10 RPGs and Strategy Games to play before the February 2023 Steam Next Fest.

Arcadian Atlas

Arcadian Atlas

The wait has been interminable, but the time has finally come to experience at least the demo of Arcadian Atlas. This turn-based RPG pays homage to the timeless classics of the genre, such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre.

Embark on a tactical journey in the world of Arcadia, where a kingdom is at war and ancient forces threaten to awaken. Build an army of powerful troops, each with unique skills and abilities, to defeat monsters and enemies as you navigate treacherous landscapes. Choose from 12 custom classes, including Cavaliers, Warmancers, Rangers, and Apothecaries, and engage in complex battles across diverse environments. Gather your perfect team and save Arcadia in this character-driven, strategic adventure.



The game that made the biggest impression on me during this Steam Next Fest was Worldless. Worldless is a 2D platformer, where you control a glowing orb, navigating through dark caves, jumping, dodging, and unlocking new areas of the map as you acquire new abilities.

While the basic concept of the platformer part, is familiar, the visuals are exceptional. But, the real standout feature is the turn-based combat-system. When you’ll encounter enemies (represented by orange bodies). You’ll have a limited amount of time to make as many moves as possible, using physical and magical attacks based on the enemy’s weaknesses. When your turn is over, it’s the enemy’s turn and you must time your defenses perfectly to avoid their physical and magical attacks. A unique and thrilling experience worth to be tested.

Wandering Sword

Wandering Sword

Wandering Sword is developed by The Swordman Studio and takes players to ancient China between political intrigue and martial arts. It offers a deep and innovative RPG experience, with interesting character development features and unique NPC interaction. Each playable character has its own abilities and inclinations towards a specific fighting style, including sword fighting, polearm, bare-handed combat, hidden weapons, and more. These abilities are tied to character growth through the use of points that can be spent on the character’s meridians to increase specific statistics such as strength, agility, evasion, and others.

Another unique aspect of the game is the interaction with NPCs. While most RPGs offer NPC interaction, few allow players to make friends and then hire them for their party potentially. Essentially, each NPC has affinity points that can be increased by giving them items or completing quests. Once the affinity value reaches 60 points, players can ask an NPC to follow them and help in battles. Battles take place on small grid maps where players can showcase their characters’ martial arts skills. Each character’s turn is controlled by a time bar that, once filled, gives players control of that specific character. A lengthy demo will guide you through the game mechanics, so give it a try.



The new work from Monster Train developers is called Inkbound and is a unique turn-based game that combines the best of action and strategy. Players move freely outside combat and simultaneously during battles, adapting their strategy to overcome various challenges. Choose from a variety of character classes and adapt your strategy to create powerful builds with draftable abilities, upgrades, and hundreds of items to find.

Join forces with friends and strangers in groups of up to four. Strategize together and tackle challenges as a team. Inkbound is expected during Q2 of 2023, there is still a little time to wait, so don’t miss this chance now.

Urban Strife

Urban Strife RPG

I’ve tried it several times during various Steam Festivals, and every time it’s a joy to play Urban Strife, the apocalyptic tactical RPG by White Pond Games published by Microprose. A graphical style that reminds of Jagged Alliance in a zombie-infested game world with various factions to contend with.

An intriguing stealth system and tactical battles with body part targeting, hand-to-hand combat, and survival mechanics where the player must rebuild their ruined shelter, find new allies, and gather resources along the way. Definitely a title worth trying for those looking for a deep RPG experience.

Xenonauts 2

Xenonauts 2

Xenonauts 2 put players in charge of a multinational military organization tasked with eliminating an extraterrestrial threat. The demo offers a taste of the diverse range of enemy types that you will face in the full game, each with their own unique strengths, weaknesses, and fighting styles. You’ll also get to fight against human agents known as Cleaners, who are working in tandem with the extraterrestrial forces and can provide valuable intel if you’re willing to take the risk to infiltrate their bases.

Every combat engagement is an opportunity to learn more about the enemy and improve tactical abilities. Players can choose to take a fast-paced approach and eliminate threats quickly, or a more measured approach to secure alien technology and bodies for research. The demo is just a taste of the thrilling and immersive experience that awaits in the full version of Xenonauts 2, which arrive sometimes in 2023.

Prometheus Wept

Prometheus Wept

Prometheus Wept is a turn-based tactical RPG set in near-future earth where digital technology is integral, a virus corrupts all technology in less than a day, leading to chaos, widespread loss of life, and the fragmentation of nations into insular city-states. You play as a wandering Classical Technologist, surviving among the remnants of humanity and searching for technological relics to restore.

Overcome security with scripts, and control physical systems. Battle with melee, ranged, and explosive weapons, and environmental objects, and build a team of characters with unique skills and perks using created weapons, armor, and supplies. Prometheus Wept has no release date, so, it’s a good reason to try the demo.



In Wantless, play as Eiris, a Transposer tasked with exploring patients’ minds to relieve their torments. Engage in fast-paced, challenging tactical RPG combat within the subconscious, using action points and environment to defeat enemies. Unlock synapses to craft skills and shape Eiris’s abilities.

Explore patients’ stories in a ghost metropolis, balancing memory preservation and instability. Upgrade through the Mind Tree, facing unique challenges and special patients. Help surviving patients escape their torments in a desolate world.



Highwater is a story-driven 3D adventure game with turn-based combat set in a flooded post-apocalyptic world. In the midst of the Great Climate Catastrophe, the player takes on the role of Nikos on a journey to escape the flooded region of Hightower and reach safety, while battling insurgents and discovering new allies along the way.

The game features 3D exploration and discovery as players navigate the flooded world in their boat, encountering different islands, dangerous foes, and interacting with fellow citizens. The turn-based combat system has a unique twist, where players must interact with the environment and use objects and items to defeat their enemies.

Throughout the journey, players can enjoy original music from Highwater Pirate Radio, serving as both a source of entertainment and a commentary on their survival journey. With a rich, story-driven adventure, players will experience the unfolding of the narrative through exploration and interaction with the world.


Capes RPG Turn-Based

One of the most anticipated games, featured inside my Top 30 Upcoming Tactical RPGs of 2023. Capes is a turn-based superhero strategy game where you build a team of heroes to fight against a dystopian city where superpowers are criminalized. The game offers a range of campaign and patrol missions, where you can choose to advance the story or explore side missions to recruit new heroes, earn skill points, and uncover their backstories.

Every hero has unique powers and abilities that require a distinct approach in combat. By learning and mastering each hero’s playstyle, you can build their power to unleash powerful Ultimates. The game features exciting and strategic turn-based combat where team-ups and positioning play a crucial role in determining victory or defeat. You can take up to 4 heroes on each mission, and they gain team-up abilities from their allies.

Heroes can be leveled up to access new abilities and upgrades, and Skill Points earned from completing objectives and challenges can be used to unlock their powers. The game also features hero-specific challenges that reward bonus Skill Points and unlock additional missions to learn more about each hero.


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