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Breachway Introduces New Ships & Mechanics

Written by Marcello TBL

Breachway Space Tactical Game

Hooded Horse has recently shared exciting news about Breachway, the sci-fi roguelike deckbuilding game from Edgeflow Studio. The development team has introduced new equipment targeting mechanics to the game, adding an extra layer of strategy to its turn-based combat system.

Players will now have to think more thoughtfully about mitigating their opponent’s actions to take them out. Along with the new mechanics, the game has also undergone visual overhauls, added new ship skins, and introduced a new ship type – a small industrial tug ship that can work alone or in formation and is commonly encountered in raiding and piracy missions. Breachway is set to release later this year in early access for PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Below some Game features and the Announcement Trailer

  • Complex Ship upgrade system – Buy, find or loot powerful equipment for your ship, and further enhance its performance with a multitude of subsystems you discover on your journey
  • Diverse tactical choices – Hack enemy equipment or disable it with precise rail-gun attacks, overwhelm your enemy with flak barrages or cook them alive with laser attacks. Outmaneuver your enemies, overwhelm their point defense systems and dominate space warfare.
  • Uncover powerful card synergies – Test out new card combinations and approaches to combat by mixing and matching equipment on your ship
  • Assemble a rag-tag crew – Each Crewmember has their own quirks and allegiances that have an effect on how you react to encounters and deal with various factions
  • Unlock new ships and factions – Unlock special faction-specific ships as you play and experience the story and events from different angles.
  • Carve your own unique path – Your crew and previous choices determine how you can interact with the varied events you encounter on your journey. Tense narrative encounters force you to grapple with morally grey decisions.


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