Divinity-Inspired Tactical RPG Project Witchstone Back on Track

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Project Witchstone

In 2019, we talked about it, but then it seemed to vanish without a trace. However, exciting updates on the Steam page have reignited the buzz around the Tactical Turn-Based RPG Project Witchstone, showcasing significant progress and a promising future for the project.

Project Witchstone

Breaking the Silence

Spearhead Games, the dev behind the game, has broken its silence to announce that Project Witchstone, their highly anticipated cRPG, is still in development. They have been working diligently over the past two years to create a groundbreaking game that captures the essence of tabletop RPGs. While Witchstone maintains the look and feel of a cRPG, it aims to go beyond traditional conventions by placing freedom of choice at its core. Every decision the player makes will have a meaningful impact on the game’s world and the character’s story. Unlike most RPGs, there are no mandatory quests, essential characters, or strictly good or bad choices.

A Non-Conventional cRPG

However, this ambitious goal presents challenges, particularly in breaking away from the predetermined paths and pacing found in traditional cRPGs. The team at Spearhead Games wants to enable true freedom for players, allowing them to pursue their goals in any way they see fit while maintaining a sense of depth and quality in the journey. The high-level goals they strive for include ensuring gameplay is never directed, introducing various systems and features to players without excessive hand-holding, and making each playthrough unique. They believe different outcomes should be embraced as new challenges or alternative paths toward the chosen goal.

Spearhead Games is dedicated to creating a game that offers limitless possibilities, meaningful choices, and a unique experience for each player. They will provide monthly blog posts to keep adventurers updated on the progress and innovations of Project Witchstone.

Project Witchstone cRPG

About Project Witchstone

Project Witchstone by Spearhead Games aims to take interactive storytelling to the next level by offering players personalized adventures based on their gameplay and dialogue choices. This game captures the essence of tabletop RPGs, with a dynamic and non-linear narrative that evolves with each decision made by the player. It combines turn-based tactical combat that rewards strategic thinking and creativity.

The game features a living and reactive world where the characters have their own lives, properties, and unique personalities. Players can interact with them using familiar RPG elements like dialogue, combat, and spells. However, the game goes beyond traditional RPG mechanics by introducing systems like stealth and an influence interface, giving players more control and the ability to shape the environment.

Companions are not mere tools in Project Witchstone

Their latest dev blog provides an overview of the companion system in Project Witchstone. Companions play a vital role in the game, adding depth and memorable interactions for players. In this twist on the conventional cRPG, players can recruit up to three companions into their party, although convincing them to join may require some persuasion.

Companions in Witchstone are not mere tools but distinct characters with their own motivations, personalities, and reactions. Players have control over their actions both in and outside of combat, including movement, using abilities and skills, and interacting with the environment. However, companions are not mindless followers and may refuse specific actions if they go against their values or pose a risk to their well-being.

CRPG inspired by Divinity

The relationship between the player and companions is dynamic, influenced by choices and treatment. Players can use persuasion, intimidation, or threats to convince companions to comply with orders. How companions are treated will impact their loyalty and the overall relationship. Companions also react to the player’s actions, with approval or disapproval depending on their personality. They actively participate in the player’s story, offering suggestions and advice, but ultimately, the player has the freedom to make their own choices.

The consequences of player-companion interactions can lead to companions evolving into unwavering allies or sworn enemies who actively oppose the player. This adds depth and complexity to the gameplay experience, allowing players to shape their relationships and influence the outcomes of their journeys.

Release date & Platforms

Project Witchstone must arrive on PC via Steam and Consoles, but there’s no set release date. We can only follow the updates and wait for more news. Below is the old Announcement Trailer (the only one available) showing gameplay footage. Let me know what you think about the game and don’t forget to subscribe to our Newsletter to stay updated on the latest Turn-Based News and content.


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