Enter the magic world of JRPG Weirdlands – Now in Early Access

Written by Marcello TBL


If you are looking for a nice JRPG adventure, you can give Weirdlands by indie dev Martin Mejak a try. Thanks to its delicious pixel art style and twisted combat system, it can offer quite an enjoyable experience. The game is now available in early access on PC via Steam. Below you can find an overview of the game, some screens, and my gameplay video.

A lockdown during a crisis. You can’t go anywhere. At least not until a portal to a magical land opens in your bedroom.

Weirdlands is an RPG inspired by classics like Final Fantasy, Earthbound, Undertale, etc., but it’s also very much its own thing.

You can recruit or capture pretty much any enemy you fight. The stronger, unique spirits have their own personalities and storylines. They can absorb other spirits you capture, gaining their abilities. With combining spirits like that, you can find combinations that work best for you, and even some hidden combos.

There is a proper point & click inventory with proper point & click items for solving proper point & click puzzles, but since it is an RPG, you can solve most puzzles in different ways, often with brute force, just make sure your brawn stat is high enough.

There is a huge amount of lore to uncover, both through the story itself and by exploring and finding hidden hints about what is going on in the world(s). Themes you’ll encounter deal with freedom, control, exploitation and oppressive power structures.


  • Multiple Endings Over Multiple New Games
  • Multiple Solutions to Puzzles
  • Optional Content and Bosses
  • Countless Secrets
  • Huge Amount of Spirits to Catch


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