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For The King

he first expansion for IronOak Games’ 3 million players multi-format RPG features gigantic new Jungle Falls area to explore, 2 new playable classes, new weapons, new enemies and more. 

Curve Digital and IronOak Games are proud to announce that the highly anticipated Lost Civilization Adventure Pack is out today for the beloved turn-based strategy hit, For The King across Steam, Epic Games Store and the Windows 10 store.

For The King’s popularity has grown and grown since launch in April 2018 amassing over 3 million players across Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This hard-as-nails fantasy experience melds challenging turn-based combat, deep roleplaying game progression and procedurally generated maps, quests and events to ensure no playthrough is the same. This potent gameplay mix is matched with a captivating artstyle and options for players to tackle the campaign on their own or in co-op with friends. 

The Lost Civilization Adventure Pack (priced at £4.99 / $5.99 / €5.99) adds a veritable tropical feast of new content for players to unearth including the brand new Jungle Falls zone, two new playable character classes and lots more. Check out the trailer here

For more information on the new content, please see the feature breakdown below:

– Explore the lost Jungle Falls Realm 
A lush jungle forest beckons adventurers to explore its dense wood, but what dangers lurk under its thick mysterious canopy?   

– Two New Playable Characters 
Go on the offensive with the glory-seeking Gladiator or harness dark energy from the heavens with the wise Astronomer!   

– Spectacular Arena Battles 
For Glory! Defeat waves of enemies before a cheering crowd in the new gladiator arenas.

– New Weapons 
Throw caution to the wind with devastating dual-wield weapons or gamble on the destructive power of the versatile wands. 

– New Enemies and Loot 
More than 90 new items closely guarded by over 50 new enemies. From giant snakes to petrifying golems, the rewards are great but the stakes are even higher.

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