Get Ready for the Open Beta of Tactical Roguelite For The King II

Written by Marcello TBL

For The King II

Indie development team IronOak Games has announced that sign-ups for the For The King II Closed Beta are now open. The highly anticipated sequel to the popular RPG, For The King, will be available for testing from May 10th to May 16th.

For The King II

The developers have expressed their gratitude for the support and encouragement from the community and have stated that they are making the game for the players. The Closed Beta will allow players to test the game and provide valuable feedback to help the developers deliver the best experience possible.

IronOak Games has emphasized that multiplayer functionality is a critical component of the game and that they have been testing with a small group of Alpha players. However, the Closed Beta will provide a larger pool of players to test the game’s performance with a range of variables that come with a real-world player experience.

The developers have also warned that stability issues and gameplay bugs may occur during the Beta, as they push the game to its limits. However, they remain optimistic that with the help of players, they will be able to polish and buff For The King II.

Players are encouraged to spread the word and bring their friends to the Beta. IronOak Games is eager to receive feedback from the community and discover what players think of the game. Adventure awaits in Fahrul, so sign up for the Closed Beta and join the fun.

Below an overview of the game via Steam and the “Inside The Studio” Trailer.


With the fanatical Queensguard patrolling the land, do you have the courage to risk everything and stand alongside fellow renegades to resist the Queen’s oppressive reign?

The Queen’s husband, King Bronner, may be long dead, but you must do this for your village, for your realm, For The King!

The road ahead is hard and best not travelled alone. Will you fight alongside your friends or split up to claim all the wondrous spoils of battle for yourself? With local and online co-op, the choice is yours…

Build your motley crew from a selection of plucky upstarts, whether a common farmhand, a brave blacksmith or even the village alchemist. Each come with their own unique stats, abilities and special traits to consider carefully before embarking on perilous adventures.

Combat in the realm of Fahrul is infamously unforgiving but rewards strategy and foresight. You’ll need a shrewd plan to outmanoeuvre foes in the new grid-based battle system, which allows for many tactical formations.

Outfit your party with all the gear they’ll need to overthrow an unjust ruler. Clothes maketh the mage and armor maketh the warrior! Plunder chests and fallen foes to discover powerful items that offer unique abilities, enhanced stats and tactical advantages.

From the vast number of character customisations to the procedurally generated maps, quests and events, the world of Fahrul is always changing and will constantly keep you on your toes! Not only that: the more you play, the more special items and events you unlock for future campaigns. With a whole host of new biomes to explore, a beautiful updated art style and a brand-new original soundtrack, For The King II transports you deep into the wonders of Fahrul, leading you further than ever before into this stunningly imagined land of adventure.


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