Legend of Keepers reaches 50K Wishlists and launches Prologue on Steam

Written by Marcello TBL

Legend of Keepers

To celebrate the 50K Wishlist mark, Legend of Keepers launches ‘Prologue’, the new free playable alpha demo available now on Steam.

It’s a tactical dungeon defender where you play as the bad guys! You’re the CEO of this dungeon and need to protect it against pesky heroes.

This prologue contains around 2 hours of gameplay and introduces Legend of Keepers’ mechanics, lore building and game strategy.

Learn the ropes of this ‘reverse Darkest Dungeon’ as you manage your own company. Develop your skills to defend your dungeons and grow your minions power!

As weeks are passing by, you will have different tasks available to improve your defenses. When adventurers will come, take control of your workforce to kill those unfortunate souls or scare them to death.

What will you do in Legend of Keepers?

Manage: hire and train employees, buy and upgrade traps… Just run the business to ensure your dungeons are always well defended and you don’t fall short in money.

Plan the defense: when adventurers show at your door, it’s time to place your monsters and traps in the most efficient way. Study your enemies and counter them with your best strategy.

Go tactical: in battle,choose your actions carefully. Which enemy should you strike first? Should you go for the kill or just scare them to death? Debuff them or buff your guys? It’s up to you to find the best synergies!

Regroup and organize: if you managed to survive, let’s go back to daily work and face events, management choices and team building for your employees. That’s all it takes to prepare for the next wave of annoyingly lawful adventurers!

Compete: it’s a roguelite, so how many weeks will you resist in the ruthless business of dungeon mastering? Share your score and try to do better than other masters!


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