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Lost Eidolons RPG

Ocean Drive Studio is inviting passionate players to apply for the Benerio Grand Company, their new closed beta testing program for their upcoming classic, turn-based tactical RPG Lost Eidolons. Members of the company already include players who supported the game’s successful Kickstarter and took part in a focus group for the title’s Steam Next Fest demo. Ocean Drive Studio also released this short Machimina-style video to recruit more beta testers.

Ocean Drive Studio recently updated the Lost Eidolons community with how it’s already leveraging the Next Fest feedback. It also announced it would delay Steam Early Access until the first quarter of 2022. Now, to better prepare for the game’s Early Access release, Ocean Drive Studio will conduct three beta tests over the course of the fall and winter later this year.

Lost Eidolons Gameplay Mechanics

“We had an amazing response from our Steam Next Fest demo build of Lost Eidolons and it also illustrated that we need to invest more time with an active player base to assure Lost Eidolons reaches its full potential,” Lost Eidolons creative director Jin Sang Kim said. “The Benerio Grand Company is our way of uniting a select group of players who are eager to help Lost Eidolons become the classic turn-based tactical role-playing game we all want it to be.” 

The Benerio Grand Company will bring a limited number of players into a series of beta tests designed to improve Lost Eidolons through valuable player feedback. Players who are accepted into the company will be rewarded with more than a chance to play the earliest builds of the game. Company rewards will include: 

  • Access to all Closed Beta tests
  • Beta invitation codes to share with friends at a later testing phase
  • A unique Discord role in the Ocean Drive Studio server that secures access to an exclusive tester’s channel 
  • In-game alias added to special section of end-game credits dedicated to the brave people of the Benerio Grand Company 

Lost Eidolons is the first game from Ocean Drive Studio, featuring a first-rate tactical RPG experience with immersive storytelling via custom motion capture for game cutscenes and an original orchestral soundtrack written by composer Clark Aboud.

About Ocean Drive Studio

Ocean Drive Studio was founded in 2019 with an intention to create fun gaming experiences through an open development process, allowing for communities of players to share feedback and positively impact a game’s final form. CEO Jae Kim leads a team of 60 with offices in Seoul, Korea and Los Angeles, Calif., and was backed by Kakao Games and LB Investments. Ocean Drive’s team leverages its extensive experience in live services to create plans and processes that allow them to intake player feedback through an open development period, thus offering a truly premium game upon launch. The team’s first title is Lost Eidolons, a tactical turn-based strategy RPG taking place in the epic fantasy world of Artemesia.


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