Game Night Ideas: 6 Word Games To Play With Your Friends

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We all know that word games are a great way to break the ice and get your mind thinking. But what if you want to bring some competition into the mix? There are many different types of word games out there that you can play with friends! In this article, we will go over four different word games you can play with friends. 

We will also include how many people each game is best suited for. Let’s get to the list.


Scrabble is a classic word game that has been around for decades. The game’s object is to use all seven letters in your rack and create words on the board before your opponent does. This can make it difficult because you have less than 12 spaces to work with! You will need at least two players for this one as it is a head-to-head game. It’s also best for ages 12 and up or those who know their way around some advanced words.

This game can have lots of strategies because you need to think about which letters your opponent has played and your placement. With the unscramble me strategy, you can easily know the next word thus giving you an advantage over your competitor. Plus, there are different ways to play that change how the game is played.

The only downside to Scrabble is that you need at least two players for the game, so if you are looking for something more cooperative, then other games might do the trick. If you find Scrabble too challenging, try using word sites like Unscrambled Words that can help improve your scrabble vocabulary. They list popular words that can be commonly used in the game and score maximum points. If you master these words, you’ll become an effective player.

Scrabble is a great game because it can be played with two people and has many different strategies. You can also surprise the winners with awesome gifts to make them feel motivated with the game. The only downside to Scrabble is that you need at least two players for the game, so if you are looking for something more cooperative, then other games might do the trick.


Hangman is a fun game because it has suspense. It’s also perfect for everyone from kids to adults! This one really gets your brain thinking and can be played with any number of players as more people means more guesses.

The goal in this game is to guess the word by guessing letters in the sequence that they belong to until someone fills in the blanks. The guessing should get a letter and then think of what word it could be before getting another letter from their fellow players.

It can be difficult in this game because your opponents will try to make you guess letters that aren’t correct! If someone guesses correctly, they win the round (and everyone else loses), so there is much pressure. Hangman is perfect for kids and adults because you can play it with any number of players, plus there’s suspense! However, if you want something more cooperative, then this game might not work best either as your opponents will try to make you guess letters that aren’t correct.


This game is perfect for those who love a good drawing challenge. It’s also best with at least four players because the more people there are, the fewer guesses each person has to work with!

The goal in this one is to draw items that your teammates describe and then guess what they drew. Whoever guesses correctly gets rid of their cards first. This game can be frustrating if you draw because it will require some thinking outside the box.

If you are not an artist and find yourself in this game, it might be frustrating because drawing something that your teammates can guess is tough! But if you’re looking for a word game to play with friends or family where everyone has equal chances of winning, then Pictionary will work best. So grab some paper and get ready to draw!


This game is a fun one because it combines guessing with the clever use of words. It also works best for groups with about four people in them but can be played by teams.

The goal in this game is to say things without using any of the given categories on your card (e.g., animals or colors). This gets a little tricky because you need to find words that fit the category without actually using them!

You can play this game with teams, which will make it more difficult because two people could give clues. Plus, if someone guesses your word, they win, and all other team members lose, so this one has some pressure.

If you are looking for a cooperative game, then Taboo might not be the best. It can also get tricky because sometimes it can seem like there’s nothing else to do! But if you’re up for a challenge and want to have some fun with your friends or family, then this will work well.


This game is a classic and for a good reason! It’s also best with four players because the more people there are, the easier it will be to guess.

The goal in this one is for you or your teammate to act out clues without saying any words so that someone on their team can guess what they’re doing. The person guessing will have to describe what they think is happening without saying the word or any words that start with it.

It’s a great game for those looking for something cooperative because everyone can play, and there is no pressure as long as you guess correctly! However, if you’re not into acting, this probably won’t be your favorite either because it’s hard to find something everyone can guess. But if you’re looking for a game where the pressure is on your opponents, not you, then this will work well!

Mad Libs

This game is a clever one because it requires you to get creative with the help of others. The more people there are, the better! The goal in this one is for someone on your team to give clues as to how they or another person might answer questions from their Mad Lib and then guess what that word would be if inserted into the sentence.

This game is really great to play with friends because it’ll make you laugh and have some fun. It’s also cooperative because everyone can guess, but if someone guesses correctly, then the person giving clues gets eliminated! This means that this game might be frustrating for those stuck giving clues all of the time as they will get taken out of the game one by one. For those who are looking for a fun, competitive game, then this will be perfect!

The best way to have a great night is with good friends. But sometimes you might need some ideas on how to entertain yourselves and your companions. That’s why we compiled six of our favorite games for game nights that are easy to learn, can be played anywhere, and don’t require any extraneous equipment or accessories! Which one will you try first?


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