Mecha Tactical Phantom Brigade Out of Early Access this Month

Written by Marcello TBL

Phantom Brigade

The full release of Phantom Brigade, the tactical RPG, is finally here. The game entered early access on the Epic Games Store and was scheduled for a full release in 2021, but it has taken a bit longer to arrive. However, the wait will soon be over as the PC version is set to be released on February 28, with a simultaneous release on Steam and Epic Games Store.

The upcoming version of the game promises an engaging blend of real-time and turn-based gameplay, with a compelling story about reclaiming one’s homeland from a cruel invader while leading a squad of rogue mecha pilots. In addition to the story, the game offers plenty of customization options for players’ robots, including weapons, gear, and cosmetic elements. It also features destructible environments and a mod-friendly approach.

The release date was announced with a brief trailer showing off some gameplay, which can be viewed below.


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