Monster-Taming Horror RPG Pry Into The Void Shows Itself in a New Trailer

Written by Marcello TBL

Pry Into The Void

DANGEN Entertainment, in collaboration with developer Ernest Placido, unveils a gripping new trailer for Pry Into The Void. This monster-taming RPG explores morality set against the backdrop of a meticulously crafted world.

In the game, players step into the shoes of Josef, a young protagonist thrust into the eerie Void. His mission? To defeat a malevolent entity draining the world’s life essence. Josef’s unique power allows him to delve into the very souls of monsters, making it imperative to rally a team of allies for this daunting journey into the abyss.

Pry Into The Void Gameplay

The gameplay of Pry Into The Void is a blend of introspection and action. Players will find themselves prying into the souls of both monsters and humans, engaging in deep conversations that lead to moral crossroads. The turn-based combat system requires players to exploit weaknesses, and the option to recruit monsters adds a strategic layer to the experience.

The latest trailer highlights Waltiere, a character shrouded in mystery. This steadfast servant, who once stood beside Josef’s revered grandfather, now offers his allegiance to Josef. The game poses a significant question: Will players embrace Waltiere’s aid, steering humanity towards hope, or will they crumble under the immense pressure of their role?

The game’s narrative promises multiple branches, delving into the psyche of its characters and the players. Eager fans should watch for more details about its launch on PC and consoles. For a closer look, visit Pry Into The Void on Steam.


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