Demeo by Resolution Games is a VR tactical digital tabletop RPG where players explore dark dungeons doing teamwork to resolve each adventure available inside the game. Be ready then for the Reign of Madness adventure (the 5th so far), which is due out on the 15th of December. Demeo is available on VR hardware and PC via Steam. You can find other Demeo players by joining their Discord server.

Below is my Demeo Gameplay and info about the DLC directly from its Steam Page

The Mad Elven King has been brought back to life by Rackarn. Wretched creatures are crawling the streets as villagers are calling for aid. It’s time to close the Rift Bridge and stop Rackarn once and for all. The 5th Demeo adventure, Reign of Madness, will be out on December 15, 2022.

In the town of Ends, people have lived off the sea for centuries in peaceful harmony with nature. But after a sudden quake a few days ago, terrifying creatures crawled up into the streets near the central square. The Governor sealed it off, and families began to flee their homes. Now, Ends is a place where death and corruption flood the alleys. No one is safe. RΓ‘lma calls for your help to battle whatever has emerged from below, hinting that maybe there is an end in sight.

See you in the town of Ends on December 15!


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