Sword legacy: Omen – Story driven Turn-based Tactical RPG

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Sword Legacy: Omen Pc Turn-based Game

Embark on an epic adventure and travel to the borders of the kingdom of Broken Britannia in this Final Fantasy Tactics like turn-based strategy game developed by Firecast Studios and Fableware Narrative Design. Let’s talk about Sword Legacy: Omen

Sword Legacy: Omen Uther
Our broken hero. Uther. A knight seeking revenge.

The myth of Excalibur

Discover the lands of a broken Britannia, a kingdom in decline after a glorious past of magic, alchemy and technological research.
We will take control of Uther. A knight seeking revenge, who with his companions sets off in search of the now-lost Excalibur sword.
The title is clearly inspired by the stories of the King Arthur and gives players the chance to explore a vast, rich gaming environment, experience an epic story.


In Sword Legacy: Omen, we will take control of Uther and his companions (among these there is the mage Merlin) and we will face turn-based combat on grid-based map.

We will face different types of enemies; brigants, knights and mythological creatures.

Sword Legacy: Omen Gameplay
…when Uther attacking the enemies grant willpoint to his allies

Each map is designed to offer a good level of challenge. We have to take advantage by exploiting explosive barrels, precipices, and traps of various kinds.

We will explore maps facing combat but if one of our comrades is defeated, it will return only after we will complete that map, forcing us to face the rest of the encounters without him.

Is vital to pay attention to the stress level of our companions.

In fact, a character with a high level of stress will not be able to perform any actions.

Sword of Legacy: Omen
the mage can shoot a fireball that creates explosions with area effect

In Sword Legacy: Omen when we do not fight we will have to dedicate ourselves to the exploration of the map, to look for clues, documents, and secrets.
Northumbria, Wessex, Mercia, Kent, and Anglia are the region we will explore during our adventure. Read more about the regions to explore here


Each character will have his own abilities to use in combat and during the exploration phase. For example, when Uther attacking the enemies will grant willpoints to his allies, the thief can break doors to access rooms with treasures, the mage can shoot a fireball that creates explosions with area effect and so on.

Each character has the possibility to equip objects of various types and learn over 70 active and passive skills.

Release date

Sword Legacy: Omen will be released sometimes in 2018. In the meanwhile below you can find a trailer and the STEAM PAGE link.
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