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Tales of Vogar – Lost Descendants by indie dev Torsten Scholze is a story-driven turn-based RPG adventure where players guide Ascan, Glen and Jane in their journey to save Vogar lands. The game features a Base building with units to recruit, minigames, and a final chapter defined by how players used their allies during the adventure.

Tales of Vogar – Lost Descendats is still in development and expected to be released in June, 30th 2023 on PC via Steam. Below an overview of the game via Steam, screens and Announcement Trailer.

“Tales of Vogar – Lost Descendants” is set in the kingdom of Vogar, a once beautiful and thriving realm now filled with fear and despair. When Vogar was invaded by its neighbor, the empire of Limor, the resulting war brought ravage and devastation that surpassed everyone’s worst nightmares.
However, for people of Vogar not all hope is lost yet. There are whispers and rumors that descendants of the royal family might still be alive…

In-Game Story

Ascan and Glen are facing a nearly impossible task. To reclaim their homeland, they need to form an army of the bold souls willing to join them, all while escaping Alastar’s attention. On their journey, they will meet familiar faces from the days of their childhood as well as new allies tired of the Limorian oppression.
However, they know that they won’t prevail against the magician’s wrath even if they could field the largest army Vogar had ever seen. Their hope rests on recent magical outbursts Ascan has experienced – and the persistent legends of the most powerful magic known to the realm, a force called “Ascension”. With it, they could shift the tide. But they are not the only ones on the hunt for this mystery…


The three main playable characters are Ascan, a magically gifted descendant of the royal family, his brother Glen, a rather impulsive fellow with his own sense of humor and Jane, a warmhearted healer who keeps looking for an excuse to escape her home town, as she would love nothing more than to explore the world.

Opposing them is the ruler of the enemy empire of Limor, the sinister magician Alastar. No one had ever heard of him until about a year before the war, when the tension between the two countries was starting to rise… and the wizard emerged from the shadows to conquer the throne. His motives and ambitions are unknown, but horrifying tales of his boundless fury are being told even in faraway lands.

Key features

  • a unique, story-driven adventure with an emphasis on the characters’ personal journey
  • turn based battle system focusing on strategic decisions
  • breathtaking custom soundtracks
  • atmospheric game design with immersive soundeffects
  • minigames that will challenge a variety of your skills​
  • Base building: Your base changes based on allies you have recruited
  • Custom final chapter: The playthrough and ending changes based on how you utilize your allies


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