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A Glimpse Of Luna – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL


A Glimpse of Luna is a tactical battle card game, where moving, positioning and controlling range is key. You are the commander and cards are your forces.

In-Game Background Story

Lyboria is going through a time of change…

For ages past peace has prevailed here for the most part.  Apart from the well-known friendships and rivalries, not much has changed. Some had the impression that it had become too quiet in this seemingly peaceful world. The calm before the storm, they thought. Those people were proven right, for the gyre of history has turned again. Nothing can escape the law of rhythm and it seemed that the period of peace had reached its pinnacle. The pendulum began to swing in the other direction.

Tempers changed, the tone among the races became rougher and the drive for power greater. Each leader, from the king of the Nordur, to the Khans of the Tagari, to the Lord of the Naphas and the Gods and Princes of the Arachnids, all of them had a vision which was to influence their thinking, their actions and above all their attitude towards the other races. However, all visions had one thing in common. A lunastone that is supposed to give unimaginable power to the one who possesses it, and those who do not shall experience their worst nightmares. A vision that was truly burned into the minds of the leaders. They all lusted after this mysterious lunastone and were willing to do whatever it took to get it.

As a result, Lyboria was seething, and the situation was about to spiral out of control. Picture a cup full to the brim with water: all it would take to overflow was one more drop. It wasn´t long coming. The final drop that made the cup overflow came from the West in form of other races who now also laid claim to this precious land of the East. Conflicts, if not wars, were now inevitable… A new, dangerous era has begun… 

A Glimpse of Luna


1 VS 1 battle on a battlefield with hexagons. The game is played in turns. A turn consists of three phases:

  • Placing Phase
  • Action Phase
  • Drawing Phase

In the placing phase a player can place his cards in his own zone. He can also equip his cards with equipment cards before placing them.

In the action phase a player can make one action with every card, that was on the battlefield before the placing phase. An action either means moving or attacking.

In the drawing phase a player draws cards again.

The goal is to destroy your opponent’s morale. Both players start with 25 morale. To lower your opponent’s morale you have to destroy cards of your opponent. The game is won when one of the players has 0 morale left or if one of the players runs out of time.


Game Key Features

  • Each card represents a character with a background-story
  • Deckbuilding with 100 of different options
  • Dynamic game with cards that have a movement and range value.
  • Troop strength as a value
  • Many different abilities that can be used during the game

About the devs

A two men (brothers) dev-team that worked hard the last three years to create this game and the fantasy world Lyboria.

Release date & Platforms

Open-Beta, Nov 12th on PC/Mac. Downloadable on the official website.

Official Website:



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