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Ellenica – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Ellenica Games

ELLENICA is a new CRPG set in Crete during the Minoan era and inspired by the old games like Ultima IV or the SSI GoldBoxes, with the addition of some bits from Skyrim. This CRPG is planned to be released on SEGA MegaDrive/Genesis by Fall 2021.

Ellenica RPG Sega Genesis

Story / Lore

From atop Mount Olympus, twelve rulers, all related to one another, preside over every aspect of human life.
Greeks acknowledge that their lives are completely dependent on the goodwill of these gods, so the Olympians are honored, respected, and feared. But time passes and humans are forgetful.
Like the most beautiful thing in the world becomes useless if there is no one to admire it, Gods will fade away if there’s no one that worships them. That’s why Zeus, Father of them all, decides to use a mortal, a common one experiencing one of the worst dramas in human life, to light again the faith of Greeks in the twelve deities.
Is the mortal offered a unique chance by a goodwill God or is he just an instrument?
And will this be enough to bring back the old beliefs or not even the Olympians can avoid the dusk of the era of the Gods?

Sega MegaDrive Ellenica


Real time exploration/interaction with background/items/etc…
An open world to allow freedom of exploration.
Turn-based combat similar to tabletop RPGs. Skills, stats, perks, different weapons, equipment to protect, bonuses accordingly to light presence in the location, wind, position of the opponents, …

Key Features

Freedom and interaction like a modern game but infused in a 2d-tiled game for the MegaDrive.


About the developer

Stefano Cinghialotto Canali is an hobbist developer. Passionate about history, gothic, interactive fiction and horror.
Official website:
Twitter page:
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Release date & Platforms

Fall 2021/early 2022. SEGA MegaDrive/Genesis.


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