Mittelborg: City of Mages – Overview

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Mittelborg: City of Mages

Defend Mittelborg and the World Tree in this interesting single-player turn-based strategy game by Armatur Games.

Mittelborg - City of Mages

Background story

The story leads us to Mittelborg, a city that regulates the balance of all the worlds and within it lies the world tree. After the disappearance of the last chancellor, the tree is slowly fading, the storm attacks are getting stronger and a new guide is needed that brings the city of Mittelborg back to its former glory.


In Mittelborg: City of Mages every decision matters, we will face uncomfortable situations before us and we will have to choose how to act. We will take the role of the new Chancellor and in front of us, we will have the city of Mittelborg with its world tree. The city consists of 3 districts; Adventum, Legio and Aegis and within it respectively we find The Wind Cachter, The Garrison and The Tower of Light.

The Wind Cachter is the structure that at each new turn generates The Aether, which is in a sense the currency of the game, with which we can develop buildings, perform upgrades and other activities. Then there is The Garrison which are the walls of the castle that protect the city from the attacks of beasts, undead, brigands and other physical creatures and finally, there is The Tower of Light, this tower protects us from magical storms that at each end turn besiege the city.

At each end of the turn, we will see what happens in the city; the damage suffered by magical storms and physical attacks and we will have to face random events by taking often drastic decisions. These events will affect the city and give us new traits. (maybe bonus or malus) In our turn, we will have to repair the barriers and choosing where to assign the few wizards at our disposal. We can level-up districts, these upgrades will unlock new facilities and upgrade existing ones. We can send our wizards on a mission, to complete quests and bring back important objects and artifacts.

In Mittelborg we will have to defend the World Tree and make sure that its bar does not fall below zero otherwise it will be game over. Not a real game over, however, because if we are defeated, we will resurrect as new Chancellor maintaining some traits and some upgrades.

Key Features

    • A single player campaign full of things to do: Collect resources, get ready for Tempests, keep guards on the walls and magicians on the
    • Game over is not the end: You become a little smarter, returning after the regular death. You hone the strategy, you save all previous experience that will help you endure
      a little bit longer this time.
    • A huge World: There will be dozens of worlds and hostile races, hundreds of unique events, thousands of intertwined destinies and stories.

Release date

Mittelborg: City of Mages is already available on steam in early access. You can follow updates on their twitter page. Below you will find the link to its page and a video trailer. Discover some new cool turn-based games with our overviews


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