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Paladin dream

Paladin Dream is a story-driven fantasy RPG about a heroic quest. Explore a reverie-like kingdom overflowing with magical locations, characters and monsters as Josiah uncovers the secret of his recurring dream. Can you stop the nightmare before it’s too late?

Paladin dream

Lore & Setting

Josiah the paladin has a recurring dream wherein he loses a duel to a mysterious gray knight. After leaving the abbey to confront his destiny, Josiah must soon cross swords with bandits, pass through the city of the wicked, and then scale a perilous mountain peak. As he prepares to face off with his mystical adversary, Josiah learns that his world is in catastrophic danger!


Paladin Dream is Top-down RPG with exploration and turn-based combat.

Key Features

  • Fantasy RPG with emphasis on narrative (100+ NPCs), exploration (100+ areas) and combat (50+ types of enemies).
  • King Arthur inspired religious mythological setting and imagery.
  • Numerous pieces of unique key art.
  • Original custom music soundtrack.
  • Original vocal hymns performed by Mioune.
Paladin dream

About the developer

Matthew Myers of HitherYon Games has been a lifelong fantasy RPG fan influenced by Arthurian lore and story-rich titles like Bioshock, Tunnels & Trolls: Crusaders Of Khazan, and Dragon Warrior 4. The world of Paladin Dream draws from his personal experiences traveling in Italy, as well as characters inspired by his time around Christian athletes in central Texas.

Outside of game development, Matthew is an accomplished music songwriter and producer. He composed all the music in Paladin Dream, and his additional work can be heard in prominent English language visual novel games, as well as LeetStreet Boys animated music videos on YouTube.

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Release date & platforms

Paladin Dream is available on PC through Steam.


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