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A new promising old-school pixel turn-based RPG mixed with noir stories and investigative elements.

Pixel Noir old-school turnbased RPG

Background story

Living on the streets of a shithole like Pinnacle City, there are only two things to keep you going: A pack of cigarettes and the feeling that there’s more than this.

Ten years ago you were a rookie on the force when you tracked a lead to the abandoned hospital at the edge of town, dragging your partner Detective Cold along. There was something rotten in that rundown place. You were in over your head, but you were too proud to admit it, and it was your pride that killed your partner.

Pixel Noir Character
I know I know, Turnbasedlovers is not the most appropriate name for a detective…

With the hospital burned to the ground and nothing to exonerate you, they threw you in jail. For ten years you were haunted by unanswered questions and unspeakable horror, frightened by what you saw, what you did – and what you could still do.

Pixel Noir Story

Now you’re scraping by as a private eye, running a business out of a crappy apartment in downtown Pinnacle. Chasing down cheaters and lost pets aren’t much, but it’s enough to distract you from the voices you still hear at night and the monsters that always seem to creep into the fringes of your vision.

But then something happens. A chance comes along…a chance to clear your name once and for all. With your sanity at stake, how can you afford not to take it?​

Pixel Noir Investigation
…during the adventure we will have to solve several cases by analyzing the details of the crime scenes…

Pixel Noir is a hard-boiled detective RPG set inside a sprawling metropolis, where gangs roam free and coffee cures all. Uncover the truth–recover your sanity as you unravel Pinnacle City’s darkest secrets.


Pixel Noir is a classic turn-based RPG with the investigative variant. In fact, our hero will have to analyze various crime scenes and discover the culprits by analyzing places and people. To this must be added the turn-based fights with all the classic elements of the genre.

During combats, we find the action bar that will tell us who will be the next character to perform the action and then the menu with all the actions available. Each character can equip different weapons and accessories, which with the help of various upgrade could become more powerful.

Pixel Noir Old-School RPG

The characters’ skills are acquired through objects that we find during the adventure and some are dedicated exclusively to certain characters.

Pinnacle City will be freely explorable and for each chapter of the adventure, we will be able to complete several sub-quests too, during the exploration, we will be able to switch to the investigative mode by pressing the Q key, this mode will allow us to highlight details that we will need to find objects and complete quests.

Pixel Noir Turn-based Rpg

Key features:

  • Solve a variety of mysteries as Pinnacle City’s cheapest Private Eye! From missing pets to murder investigations, your detective skills will earn you either fortune or face punches.
  • Fight enemies in turn-based combat. Use timed hits and timed blocks to give yourself the edge in battle.
  • Explore Pinnacle City–a wretched hive of scum and villainy harboring black market trade & hawked by colorful characters.
  • Use investigation mode and other unique talents to reveal clues and unearth new secrets and storylines!
  • Play through a stunning, 16-bit cityscape inspired by classic RPG’s and a chiptune-inspired OST featuring Secret of Mana composer, Hiroki Kikuta.
Pixel Noir Pixel Art

About Developer

SWDTech Games is a team of gamers dedicated to reimagining the classic RPG experience for modern-day platforms such as PS4 and PS Vita. They grew up playing games like Final Fantasy, Earthbound, & Chrono Trigger, and aspire to produce their own classic.

Pixel Noir Dark

Release date & platforms

Pixel Noir is available in early access for PC and here you can see details about project roadmap. Next will be available on Nintendo Switch, Ps4 & Xbox one too. Below the new trailer and the link to the steam page.



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