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Silence is a lie – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Silence is a Lie Gameplay

Dive into a story-driven, tactical RPG game set in the fantasy world of a little girls mind. Now on Kickstarter

Lore & Setting

Due to a family tragedy, the main character Kim slips into a dark fantasy world inside her mind. The only way out is the way through this world.

You will guide Kim and her companions on this adventure through the abysses of her own mind and accompany her on her journey to herself. In search of a seemingly superior opponent, Kim has to make decisions that not only change the course of the game but also herself.

Silence is a lie


Tactical turn-based battles on challenging terrain are the heart of the game. Deploying your units in a well-planned formation will help you draw the line of battle along the terrain to your advantage. Having trained your troops in a proper variety of jobs and equipping them with specialized abilities will make the difference in a fight. Balance your troops and find the best mix of physical fighters and magical support.

Battles take place in a 3D environment where the higher ground is just as important as blocking paths or hiding from range weapons. Entering a battle as a novice in a new job makes you vulnerable but is the only way to gain experience and progress to higher levels and learn abilities that will make you almost invincible. Death is inevitable and will weaken your party. No one should be left behind.

Key features

  • Throughout the game, your teammates and the mercenary you recruit will be able to learn new jobs and gain new abilities that way.
  • Depending on the professions you choose, your characters will gain different qualities.
  • A set of over 200 abilities is available for you to learn and use in battle.
  • A minimum 20 Job classes to choose from.
Silence is a Lie Gameplay

About the developer

The dev grew up playing Dungeon Master on his 368 PC and PlayStation games like X-COM and Final Fantasy Tactics. Playing these games left him with the urge of one day getting into game development himself. Having been in the programming business for about 20 years now, he got a pretty good idea of how much time and effort it takes to create a game like this.

„Silence is a lie“ is a passion project that is driven by the wish to provide a sequel to the gaming experience from his youth. He is just trying to recreate something that you may have loved playing in your past and to help you reraise this feeling.

Over the last years, He has managed to find great talents who will help him to create a game that may go down as a true successor of the classic tactical RPGs. You are invited to follow them on this journey.

Official website:


Release date

Estimated for Summer 2022. PC ( Linux, Mac, Windows ), Switch, Playstation, Xbox


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