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Solasta: Crown of the Magister – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Solasta Crown of the Magister

Prepare to think in three dimensions in this promising tactical turn-based RPG by Tactical Adventures studio. We tried the demo and immediately fell in love with it.

Solasta Crown of the Magister

Solasta: Crown of the Magister is a turn-based tactical RPG actually under Kickstarter campaign where we will have to explore huge dungeons full of secrets and dangers. We have tried the demo available at this link and we list the elements that struck us most.

An amazing 3d graphic

The world of Solasta is beautifully designed, with breathtaking scenery and truly inspired graphic elements. Exploring the world and the various dungeons promises to be very exciting thanks to the complete realization of the scenarios in three dimensions.

Exploring deep dungeons

During the exploration, we will have to be careful of traps, unsafe walls and many other kinds of dangers. For example, during our test, while moving our warrior, the floor collapsed but thanks to our wizard we were able to cast a spell that relieved the fall of our character. Jumping through the roof, climbing on walls, pushing down blocks in order to open new paths, all these things and much more you’ll find in Solasta dungeons.

Solasta Crown of the Magister

There is also the stealth mode thanks to which we will be able to better analyze our surroundings and discover points of interest and traps and we will also be able to avoid enemies or put ourselves in favorable positions before facing them.

Turn-based battles and dices

The combats are the main pillar on which SOLASTA is based. When we are spotted by the enemies, the turn-based combat will begin. There will be immediately the roll of dice for the initiative that will determine the turn of each character involved in the fight.

Solasta Crown of the Magister

In the world of SOLASTA, there are 4 classes: Warriors, Clerics, Rogues, and wizards. Each class will have its own growth and ability based on race as well.

At every turn, we can move and take action. Very important the position and the available coverings, in fact, attacking from high points will give us great advantages or we can even position ourselves in narrow channels that do not allow larger creatures to reach us.

Key Features

  • An Epic Team Adventure.
    Discover the shattered world of Solasta: explore ruins and dungeons for legendary treasures, learn the truth of an age-old cataclysm – and stop it from happening again.

    Create your very own party of adventurers with our Character Creation Tool in the classic tabletop RPG tradition. Breathe life into your heroes, and see their personalities reflected in their dialogue. Tailor your squad to your preferred strategy and maximizes your party’s abilities. The choice is yours.
  • Discover a Mysterious & Dynamic World.
    Delve into long-forgotten dungeons to unearth ancient artifacts, but stay watchful of light and darkness: many dangers hiding in the dark, but light can attract monsters. Some enemies have darkvision, some may flee from your torch… Successful adventurers will learn to use it to their advantage.

    Fight monsters in squad-level, turn-based, tactical combat. Solasta’s dynamic environment offers some interesting tactical options. Bridges can collapse, leaving enemies stranded and vulnerable. Walls and columns can be pushed over – on top of your foes if you do it right. The world is your playground.
  • Prepare to Think in Three Dimensions.
    The dungeons in Solasta are more than flat game-boards. Climb, jump, or fly around obstacles. Evade or surprise foes from above or below. Push them into chasms or drop things on their heads. Position yourself on high grounds to start the fight with an advantage.

    Size also matters. Escape through narrow passages where bigger enemies won’t fit and crawl through tunnels to find secret areas. Take advantage of the environment to find cover suited to your own size. Watch out, though – the monsters are also thinking vertically.
  • True to the Tabletop.
    Solasta: Crown of the Magister brings back the thrill, tactics, and deep storytelling of tabletop games. As you play, you’ll feel yourself reaching for your dice and miniatures. It’s time to dive into the world of Solasta. Roll for initiative!
Solasta Crown of the Magister

About developer

Tactical Adventures is a Parisian video game development studio, created in 2018 by Mathieu Girard. Learn more about them through their channels:

Release date & platforms

Solasta: Crown of the Magister is now under a Kickstarter campaign. The release date must be in January 2021 through Steam. We still have to wait a while but in the meantime, we invite you to download the demo so you can test the authenticity of the product and maybe support it on Kickstarter.


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