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The Last Relic RPG

Explore a fantastical world, fight monstrous aberrations, and interact with a diverse cast of quirky characters in this turn-based RPG.


In-Game Background Story

The Last Relic follows the tale of a young girl named Ellie who is transported from her cozy, American life to a foreign realm of magic and monsters. Lost and alone, she wanders this new land aimlessly, wishing only to get back home. She’s attacked by monsters only to be rescued by a young man named Dorian. It’s here Ellie learns that she is far from Earth, in the land of Relics and Relic Hunters. Why was she brought here? And will she ever make it back home?


The Last Relic features quick-paced, turn-based combat that rewards strategic use of skills and attacks. Heroes and enemies share the same action gauge; once someone reaches the end, they can perform an action. Some magic and skills require extra charge time to pull off. Enemies, if hit with their weakness, will freeze in place for a set period of time, giving the player much-needed room to unleash more attacks.

Battle System

Key features

  • The Last Relic is a character rich, turnbased RPG inspired by Japanese classics such as Earthbound and Chrono Trigger.
  • Gameplay grows, evolves, and alters to present a variety of mechanics to players.
  • The Floating City of Asgard is used as a base to recruit new members, develop and increase social levels with other characters, and even start your own farm!
  • Players will meet a diverse cast of distinct personalities, each with their own backstory and contribution to lore and world-building.
  • Every side-quest is built towards expanding lore and offering beneficial rewards no matter how over-leveled you become.
Old-School RPG

About the Developers

Hallway Games is operated by one developer, Christopher Hall. One of his fondest memories as a child is playing through Dragon Warrior (Quest) on the original Nintendo Entertainment System with his dad. Something must have clicked because Japanese Role Playing Games became his go-to genre from then on. Over these past three decades, gaming has been his passion, and it’s always been a dream to create one of his very own.

Kickstarter page

The Last Relic Release date & Platforms

The Last Relic has a planned release date of early 2022, for PC, MacOS, and Linux. Below the Kickstarter Trailer and Steam Page


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