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Armed Emeth Nintendo Switch

Armed & Golem or Armed Emeth, as its name was changed for Western audiences, is a traditional RPG albeit with slightly different mechanics than a regular RPG, brought to you by Kemco. Kemco is a company that I feel you either hate them or love them as they tend to present visually to more newcomers yet have mechanics that generally favor a classic audience. Most of the time you know what you are getting with them which is to say an older style of graphic mostly orthodox RPG with anime style graphics that span most systems from mobile to current generation usually at a low price.

Again allow me to quote from their official page….


“When there yet remained two moons in the night sky. the Dernier Empire manipulated Edea, the world’s life force. They developed golems that were powered by it and ruled the world through fear.

Then one of the moons fell from the sky among a rain of meteors…This would become known as Serene’s Descent, the meteor impact. The Empire was overthrown by a revolution, and people began to live in communities known as communes.

Each commune set up a Bounty Center, which served as a means of sharing information on the world’s criminals. Bounty Hunters began using golems for their work. These hunters became known as Bounty Golems”

The fall of the moon on the left, Serene, would mark the end of an empire and set the stage for the upcoming world in Armed Emeth.


“Valless, a boy [now adult] separated from his parents, lives in a commune of drifter, and is met one day by a stand-alone golem called Lock.

With Valess’ mother being kidnapped by White Radish, a terrorist organization, and finding out that the leader of that terrorist organization has a huge bounty on his head, Valess decides to join Lock.

Valess, Lock and the other companions they meet along the way begin their journey as Bounty Golems.”

So basically, Valess is a bounty hunter who lives in a drifter commune except he is more or less a Bounty Hunter extorter in that he fights them and offers them a lesser deal than their bounty in exchange for letting them go.

[Let him go for 200G…. Yes/No] You are sometimes offered a choice in the amount in which you can extort for letting the wanted person go.


Battles can be approached via different methods. You can start the battle fighting without a golem or you can start a fight by being in a golem. Golems in general are more powerful and should your golem be destroyed, gets reverted to the character who controlled the golem fighting as a person. So in general, it is safer.

Here are some of the basics via a regular human battle. The right icon column shows Attack, Defend, Item, and Descend (only available if having equipped a golem. The split line although obvious to some denotes distance seeing as most attacks are long-ranged in this game. The option to auto-battle, speed up the battle, and run away are denoted on the top-left.
Golem battles are slightly different. HP is changed to BP. The far-right columns show after you select ‘Attack’: Main Cannon, Sub-Cannon, Skill, and Special cartridge.
[I’ll wait for you outside of Romani] Lock, first meets Valess who snuck in his own house and after talking, they both adventure to save Valess’ mother from the White Radish organization. Lock is different from most golems as he is independent and more like a character rather than a golem you ride around in.
[Ursula” Ah, Valess] Ursula is a good friend of Valess who came to the commune Romani ten years ago with her little sister. She teaches children and eventually joins up with Valess in his adventure.
[Old guy: Thanks for your business!!] Having a golem to ride around is one of the cool things you can do with it. You can take it into town, dungeons, and even shops (Bringing it to town to modify your golem is actually a necessity or they won’t let you do it) The silver area in the top-right area of the screenshot acts like a charging station for your golem where you can restore BP, change golems, and shop. It slightly differs from the repair shop in town and is kind of like a golem item shop.
Visiting the golem modification shop requires you to be in the golem you are modifying so you have to bring it into town. You can increase BP, attack, defense, mobility, magazines, Edea cores, and passive abilities.
[The Bounty Center is where you can confirm via bulletin board system who has a bounty on their head] The Bounty Center features information on those wanted by bounties. You check the actual board in the back or you can ask the receptionist. There is one in pretty much every town.
[In every commune there is a teleportation device that allows you to ‘warp’] These come very much in handy and serve as one of the best ways to get back and forth. Naturally, they only activate if you have been to the place you want to warp to.
Equipment for Lock and Golems differs slightly from your regular equipment of human characters. On the far right is listed: Main Cannon, Sub-Cannon, Core, CPU, Edea Stone x 3. They also have BP instead of HP.
A bestiary with enemy location is helpful and can be accessed should you want to complete it or want to get a specific drop.
[Story List] The game kind of progresses via story list. A new entry will be listed telling what to do to advance the story. Should you not know what to do, check here.


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