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Stolen Realm

Tactical RPG Stolen Realm Launching On PC, Xbox and Switch

Marcello TBL

On March 8th, fans of role-playing games have something new to look forward to as Burst2Flame Entertainment announces the release ...

Unicorn Overlord Key Art

Tactical RPG Unicord Overlord – New details about Characters and Battlefields

Marcello TBL

Unicorn Overlord is undoubtedly one of this year’s most eagerly awaited titles, thanks to its visually striking style and the ...

The Most Innovative Turn-Based Deck Builders

Harry Ted Sprinks

The deck-building genre, particularly the rogue-like deck-builder subgenre, has become tremendouslypopular ever since the release of Slay The Spire and ...

The Best Turn-Based Warhammer 40K Games

Harry Ted Sprinks

The universe of Games Workshop’s Warhammer, predominantly Warhammer: 40,000, is an often-used setting for video games. Although many of these ...

WitchSpring R, White Fox Guide, Featured Image

White Fox – WitchSpring R: Pets Guide


The White Fox is another potential starter pet in WitchSpring R that is best summoned by MAG players. White Fox ...

Banchou Tactics – Japanese Gangster RPG Coming To Switch This February


Co-developers Secret Character and ITSARAAMATA and publisher Flyhigh Works recently announced the Nintendo Switch port of their Japanese gangster RPG, ...

Bestiario – Join The Kickstarter For This Spanish Mythical RPG Inspired By JRPG Classics


Featuring a wonderful mythical world of Puerta del Sol in Madrid to the mountains of Asturias. Bestiario will take players ...

WitchSpring R, Dwarf Thor, Featured Image

Dwarf Thor – WitchSpring R: Pets Guide


Dwarf Thor is one of two pets that Kanna will ask you to choose from in WitchSpring R. The other ...

Highwater – Cozy Post-Apocalyptic Adventure Release Date Announced For Steam And Consoles


Indie game developer Demagog Studio and publisher Rogue Games recently announced the release date for the Steam and Console release ...

The Most Unique Turn-Based Indie Games

Harry Ted Sprinks

Although the turn-based genre offers a variety of experiences, unique tropes, and fun game mechanics, it is one of the ...