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R-Type Tactics I • II Cosmos, Key Art

R-Type Tactics I • II Cosmos – Editions and Release Date


After the announcement of the game’s delayed release window, Granzella finally announces the new release date of their upcoming sci-fi ...

Lost In Fantaland, Key Art

Lost in Fantaland – Coming To PS5 and Nintendo Switch In June


Initially released for PCs via Steam all the way back in 2022, this deckbuilding roguelike will finally grace the PlayStation ...

Best RPGs of December 2023

Top Turn-Based RPGs And Strategy Games of December 2023

Marcello TBL

It’s the end of a truly massive year for games, but 2023 isn’t over until midnight on the 1st of ...

Rogue Rabbit – WitchSpring R: Pets Guide


Rogue Rabbit is one of those pets that can be easy to miss in WitchSpring R. Especially when you completely ...

10 Awesome Tactical Strategy Games While Waiting For XCOM 3


XCOM: Enemy Unknown released all the way back 2012. XCOM 2 then released four years later in 2016. Then, XCOM: ...

Top Sci-fi RPGs With Turn Based Combat

Harry Ted Sprinks

The genre of role-playing games is a saturated market, having existed in video game format for decades, and having roots ...

Aslan – WitchSpring R: Pets Guide


Aside from just being another obtainable pet, Aslan is actually quite an important character in WitchSpring R. Aslan plays a ...

WitchSpring R, Boar Jr Guide, Featured Image

Boar Jr – WitchSpring R: Pets Guide


Boar Jr is a rideable pet in WitchSpring R as well as the very first pet you’ll ever get in ...

WitchSpring R, Caric Guide, Featured Image

Caric – WitchSpring R: Pets Guide


A bit deeper inside the caverns where you can find Carico, is a variation of the pet that’s pretty much ...

The Land Beneath Us, Key Art

The Land Beneath Us – Roguelite Dungeon Crawler To Be Released On PC, Xbox, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch On 2024


Here at TurnBasedLovers we love seeing games, especially of the turn-based variety, come with fresh new looks and game mechanics. ...