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Are You On A Budget? Don’t Worry; You Can Still Get Some Of The Best Turn-Based RPGs for a limited time

Written by Marcello TBL

Encased RPG

It’s been a while since I last shared some highly discounted titles that are currently available on Steam. So, armed with patience, I took a deep dive into the famous online game store to find the best RPGs with at least a 50% discount. I found quite a few, but these are the ones you must add to your library if you don’t already have them.

Note that many of these titles are temporarily discounted, so if you come across this article days later, some might no longer be as cheap as indicated. So, If you are on a budget but still want to get some quality titles, you are in the right place.

Limited-Time Deals on Must-Have Turn-Based RPGs

The first game to mention is For The King. The first installment of this saga is currently 80% off, bringing this popular Roguelite RPG down to the ridiculously low price of $3.99. Yes, it is a ridiculous price considering the potential hours of gameplay IronOak Games’ title can offer, and it could be the perfect opportunity to prepare for the second chapter of the saga, which is already available.

Next up is one of the best cRPGs of recent times, Wasteland 3. inXile Entertainment’s RPG, which takes players to the frozen lands of Colorado, is currently 60% off, reducing its regular price from $41 to an enticing $16. Given everything the title offers, it seems like an excellent opportunity for those who haven’t tried it yet or even as a gift for that nerdy friend who will surely appreciate it.

Encased cRPG

Another interesting cRPG to highlight is Encased. This RPG takes players to 1975, or rather, an alternative version of that period, to explore a mysterious artifact called the Dome. Turn-based combat, multiple choices, various ways to tackle missions, and a good character editor are some features of this isometric RPG, which, thanks to a significant discount until June 27, brings the price tag to $2.99. Yes, you read that right, so there’s no reason not to rush and buy Encased, even just to keep it in your library.

Let’s move on to a JRPG with a unique setting, SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech, which for only $3.74 takes players into the SteamWorld universe where other titles like the more famous SteamWorld Heist (the second chapter was recently presented), SteamWorld Dig, and others orbit. This is a JRPG with card mechanics and has been widely praised by critics and gamers, so hurry and get it.

Sunday Gold

Now for one of the most recent titles in this article. Part adventure point-and-click and part turn-based combat, Sunday Gold is definitely a unique title offering a rare mix. Released in October 2022, this RPG puts players in the shoes of a trio of criminals who play the good guys to expose a mega-corporation. With a 75% discount, it’s now $5.49.

If you love SRPGs in the style of Fire Emblem, you probably already have Rise Eterna in your library, but if for some strange reason you don’t, or if you want to explore the genre, $1.67 is the price to pay, roughly the same as a cup of coffee, with the difference that this RPG can offer several hours of gameplay, putting players in the shoes of 14 characters and offering all the dynamics of the classics in this genre.

Recently, a title was presented that reminds me a lot of the one I’m highlighting; it’s called Among The Stars and was presented during the Summer Game Fest 2024 events, which I discussed in the Top 10 New RPG Announcements article. But the title currently on sale is Indivisible, an RPG that mixes platform mechanics with a combat system reminiscent of Valkyrie Profile, where players must perfect timing mechanics to unleash devastating combos. Surely, your library will be cooler with this title, and you only need to spend $5.99.

The Bard' Tale Trilogy

One of the most famous game sagas is currently 80% off, and not the individual titles, but the entire trilogy you can buy as a single item. The Bard’s Tale is a famous dungeon crawler saga that has returned in a fully remastered version. Many add-ons for a trilogy to bring home for only $2.49.

It’s true that it wasn’t very well received by critics and gamers in general, collecting only “Mixed” reviews on Steam, but for God’s sake, it’s still King’s Bounty II, and the 90% discount brings it down to the paltry sum of $3.99. The RPG, in the style of Heroes of Might and Magic, tried to offer slightly different exploration by bringing the camera behind the character but kept the combat system unchanged. Certainly, it is an “investment” within everyone’s reach.

Now I point out Another Crusade, a perhaps not well-known title from 2023, which puts players in the shoes of a knight and his friends as they explore the world in action style and face turn-based combat with timing mechanics. A style reminiscent of old Super Nintendo titles and positive reviews make it perfect for this article. I forgot to mention it has a 50% discount.


The world is now full of deckbuilders, making it very difficult to innovate, but maybe Power Chord, a 2023 title, manages to do so, offering card battles with a rock twist. Players will have to take on the roles of various musicians to face hordes of demons. As a Roguelite, the package includes unlockable elements and repeated runs to keep improving. Until June 24, the price is $4.87, thanks to a 75% discount.

Another title you might not know yet, but I assure you, you need to try it if you love classic JRPG combat, especially mature, dark, and a bit horror stories. It’s called Frail Hearts: Versicorae Domlion, an RPG that offers a very dark story with a truly inspired concept. $2.99 is the price to pay to test this JRPG, which will surely not disappoint you.

And I’ll close with the king of 4x strategy games, Civilization VI. Given the recent announcement of the new chapter in the saga, it seemed right to add Firaxis’s title. To be honest, I might be wrong, but you can often find it on sale, or at least I’ve seen it quite frequently in the dedicated section. In any case, skipping the game’s introduction (I don’t think there’s anyone on the face of the earth who doesn’t know Civilization), I’ll tell you that until June 21, you can get it with a 95% discount, $2.99, which is almost an insult for a strategy game of this caliber.

Now reach out to me on Discord and X and tell me if you are going to get some of this or something else. Wish you the best. Ciao


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