Might is Right – Overview

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Might is Right Pc Game

Might is Right is a familiar turn-based strategy with a fresh set of mechanics and character progression not found in other games of the genre.

Might is Right Pc Game

In-game background story

In Might is Right, You are the good guy, bad guy is not the good guy. Your job is to take back the kingdom.


If you played Disciples 2 – you will feel right at home from the very start if you haven’t – fear not, Might is Right does have deep mechanics, but it’s very easy to start. There are 2 modes:

Adventure mode:
Here your squad can move freely across the map, collect treasures, visit settlements, and do quests.

Combat mode:
When you engage an enemy squad in adventure mode, you enter combat. In combat, you fight the enemy until you win… or lose. If things get too tough, you can always run away.

Might is Right Pc Game

Key features

  • The game follows a non-linear campaign allowing you to play at your own pace.
  • Complex talent trees for each character with 150+ unique talents
  • Consumable items
  • State-of-the-art AI, able to adapt to any situation
  • Randomly generated enemy encounters
  • Turn-based tactical combat
  • Contextual tutorial, information is presented as you progress
  • Achievements
  • Quests; the world is full of individuals who need your help, discover them and earn useful rewards
Might is Right Pc Game

About developer

Lazy Kitty is a one-man indie studio, Lazy Kitty works with their talented friends, most notably game designer Narzina, designer of Might is Right. Narzina has also worked on Heroes of Might and Magic series in the past.

Might is Right release date & platforms

3 December 2019. The initial release is Window only with Mac and Linux to follow later.

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