Solasta: Crown of the Magister – Winter Update

Written by Aiori

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On the 14th December 2020, the Solasta Winter Update comes, with their correspondent patches. On TBL we’ve delved into the new features. Do you want to know more? Keep Reading.

First, more customization options in Character Creation are available. They add new faces for the different races, and now you can colour your character in more colours (you can create a green dwarf, for example). Also, they tweaked the character creation menu, now it’s more intuitive, and they modify some NPCs’ faces, making them “prettier”.

Another important new characteristic is the Scavenger System. Now, if you forget to collect something in past dungeons, your friends the Scavengers will take these items for you, just for a little items-commission. But don’t worry, you can buy them for some money. They need several days to take the loot (it depends on the dungeon, some required four days, other seven…), so don’t forget to talk with them from time to time.

Moreover, they improve the inventory; it is more manageable now. Also, you can shop directly, without talking with the shopkeeper, (yes, no more <<Welcome to Gorim Emporium>>), and you have a party stash in Caer Flyen (the initial city) to empty your inventory. There is increased availability of items in the shops. In the previous version, you could buy food rations in little quantities, at this moment you can buy 50 rations in one buy if you want. 

Then, related to the story, there is a new main quest and several secondary ones, including the end of some pending missions. The update starts where the previous version finishes, after completing the Dark Castle. There are new locations, highlighting a new city, Copparan. Also, story in-game stops will happen during your map travels.

Welcome to Copparan

Next, regarding the combat, there are new enemies, items, weapons (as better versions of the existing ones), and spells (some are very useful, giving you more options in dungeons and combats). Also, you can hide your party in the combat, dealing more damage later if you have success, and you can add poison to your weapon to cause it to the enemies.

Finally, in the long term, there isn’t recent news, but new campaigns will come because the story needs it (at least, you have to look for six quest items more). Probably, we will see additional customization options and improvements in the characters’ appearance too. I will look forward to the Solasta’s future, still has the potential to exploit.


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