Druidstone: The secret of the Menhir forest – Overview

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Druidstone: The secret of the Menhir forest

Let’s save the forest of Menhir in this new fantasy turn-based RPG under development by the indie Ctrl Alt Ninja studio. Learn more about Druidstone: The secret of the Menhir forest.

Druidstone: The secret of the Menhir forest

About Ctrl Alt Ninja developers

It is a team of programmers and artists who previously worked on Legend of Grimrock. Ctrl Alt Ninja was formed in 2015 by designer-programmer Petri Häkkinen and art director Juho Salila, and this is the first game the studio works on.

Background story

Druidstone: The secret of the Menhir forest

In the world of Druidstone, the druids of the Menhir Forest possess a great power: the power of reincarnation. When a druid passes on, through some mysterious process his spirit is able to return from the great void back into the world of the living and to his former self. We take the role of Leonhard a druid reincarnated and we have to find out what is happening in the forest of Menhir with a story that unfolds as your progress in the game.

Druidstone: The secret of the Menhir forest Gameplay

In Druidstone: The secret of the Menhir forest we will explore the vast Menhir forest full of ruins, dungeons, and points of interest. We will start our adventure almost completely naked and as we proceed, we will find more and more powerful weapons. The battles take place on a two-dimensional grid using a tactical, turn-based battle system.

Druidstone: The secret of the Menhir forest

We can use weapons and spells, and by acquiring experience points we can upgrade our skills. In Druidstone there is no level-up for the character, in fact, we can only level up our skills. So what will make the power of a character is the skills and its equipment.

Key Features:

  • A tactical turn- and tile-based battle system where every action, every turn counts.
  • Upgrade the abilities of your heroes as you see fit using power gems obtained by completing missions and discovering hidden treasures.
  • Challenging, hand-crafted missions with playtimes ranging from 15 minutes to 45 minutes.
  • Solve devious non-combat puzzle levels to obtain rare equipment.
  • A gripping, fantastic story of love and death centered around the main characters Leonhard, Aava and Oiko.
  • A unique fantasy setting combining elements from western RPGs, JRPGs and tactical boardgames in unexpected ways.
  • Play custom missions created by others or make your own campaigns with the upcoming Druidstone Level Editor available as a post release update.

Release date

Currently, Druidstone: The secret of the Menhir forest is under development for Pc and will be released in Spring 2019. In the meantime, you can visit the developer blog to track the progress of this promising turn-based RPG game and learn more about other upcoming turn-based games with my overviews.


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